Foxy Fix Traveler’s Notebook in Spice Latte

I shared a few images on my Instagram of the Spice Latte Traveler’s Notebook I purchased but here’s a few more. I’m loving this TN so much. It’s a very soft and pliable leather. It feels so good in my hands. The color is a light taupe but more on the brownish beige side. I opted for a spine design of the moon phase in rose gold. If you didn’t already know, my name in Hmong means moon. I was given the name because my oldest sister kept getting ear infections (based on Hmong superstition, they said because she kept pointing to the moon, the moon lady would cut her ears). So, when I was born, they gave me the name and her ears never got cut again. Not sure how that works but my guess is, it tricked the moon lady to think my sister was also a moon lady because she was close to a moon. Who knows, but I really should study up on these superstitions though.




Spells lunar eclipse!

I just got done reading The Stand by Stephen King, if you know what I mean. 🙂

The other day the family went out to see the lunar eclipse.  It was amazing.  Husband used the Nikkor 55-200 lens and tripod to capture it.


Morning Moon

A breathtaking surprise this morning.

MORNINGMOON0004_800Btw, today marks my 6th year blogging with WP.  🙂