August Random Photos

This was a busy month with the kids starting school and all but I was able to capture a couple of exciting things.

The magnolia tree (bush) bloomed.  It normally blooms in the spring, but with the wild weather we’ve been having, I think the magnolia forgot what season it was.

MAGNOLIA081720150001_840 MAGNOLIA081720150009_840

With the wildfires in the west and northwest, and the winds we’ve been having, the smoke from the fires were blown into our territory causing some eye irritations (yep, I had them) and some pretty cool sunsets.



First Magnolia Blooms

Last year the magnolia didn’t bloom because of the late snow.  She budded but was too weak to bloom.  This year, she fought the snow.

MAGNOLIA0420140015_800 MAGNOLIA0520140006_800MAGNOLIA0520140021_800

MAGNOLIA0011_640Looks like the magnolia will do just fine.  That is, if we don’t get this sleet/snowstorm we’re expecting.