A Healthy Dinner and Veggies From The Farmer’s Market

DINNER0003_640Yesterday morning I went to the Farmer’s Market and bought some broccoli and asparagus.  I mainly went because I wanted to get a photo for the 365 challenge but the broccoli and asparagus were calling my name.  I made steamed broccoli and had it with baked lemon salmon, white rice, and a veggie salad of cucumbers and tomatoes.  The salad was so amazingly delicious and refreshing.  I haven’t done anything with the asparagus yet but my daughter wants some bacon wrapped asparagus so that’s in plan.

Photos from the farmer’s market.


A Burial and Level Books

Sunday evening, Kylie learned that her favorite fish, a beta named Bubbles, had died.  He was found floating at the top of the fish tank.  Kylie cried and cried.  I’ve never seen anyone cry as much and as hard as she has over a little fish.  She thought it was the water frog, whom also shared the tank with Bubbles, that killed him so she wanted the frog returned to the pet shop asap.  Husband told her it wasn’t the frog.  Bubbles was just underfed.

We promised we’d take her to Lowe’s to buy some flowers and do an official burial.


Kindergarten Level Books

I mentioned Kylie’s studying paid off in the blog post here.  The books she was studying are level books.  The back of the books show the reading level they are at.  The standard reading level for a Kindergarten before heading off to first grade should be level 3.  When I took the photos below, Kylie was reading at level 8.  Last week she was actually reading level 9 books.  These books are given to her by her teacher to read each week.  The readings often include a paper assignment in which they have to complete a comprehension bubble map.





Kylie really enjoys reading these books but there are moments when there’s just too many big words or just way too many words that overwhelm her.  I tend to let her break when she wants a break.  Sometimes, when she’s up for it, she’ll go for 45 mins!  I find that amazing.  I never thought a kid could focus for that long at anything.