Waldo Canyon Fire – View From the Deck

Last evening, husband and I were out on the deck grilling up dinner, and saw this view of the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs.  It’s far south from our area, but since the elevation is slightly higher here, we get a pretty good view of the mountain range southwest and west of us.  I was watching the news later on that evening and it looked really devastating.  There’s been so many mountain fires in Colorado that it’s pretty depressing.  Husband said there’s been 6 inactive ones and currently 6 active ones for a total of 12 just within the few months.

More info can be found on 9News.

Mountain Fire Photos

This evening, a pretty large fire broke out near Aspen Park and Keystone area.  We live pretty far from it, but from my neighborhood, we could see the smoke and the bright red sun.

These photos were taken from the backyard just a couple of hours ago.

The girls and I went out for dinner and on our way back, while waiting at the stop light, I was able to get this shot.

…and here’s Kylie looking at the smoke from inside the house.

To read more about this fire, go here.