August Random

RANDOM082014LSKETCH0004_800At the desk sketching.


RANDOMKYFirstDay2Gr081120140023bw_600Kylie’s first day of school.

RANDOMASPENS082420140019_600Aspen damaged by the hail storms.

SWAPSENTME082520140002_800Crafting supplies from a swap.

RANDOMLB3BK082820140003_800The 3rd book of the Lightbringer series!!!!  Now I just need the author’s autograph.

Drawing Challenge

I found a few drawing challenges on social media and decided to join the Spoon Flower 30 Day Spoon Challenge.  I don’t spend a lot of time on the drawings…maybe a few minutes to one hour.  The hardest part is trying to figure out what to draw.  Even with a prompt daily, I just don’t want to draw what the word says.  I like adding a little bit of my imagination to it.  Some of my drawings are just horrendous but I try not to care too much.  What matters is that it’s helping me think creatively and forces me to draw things I would otherwise not consider.  It also keeps me motivated.


You can follow my Instagram to see my drawings or check out the Spoon Challenge tagboard.