Fantasy Digital Art Redo: The Carriage

I created this Fairy Watching a Carriage Go By digital art layout in 2014 using a premade digital background painting by Lorie Davision, a carriage photo, a girl photo, and wings. You can see the original process in this blog post here, which will also include the photos I used for the composite. I had signed up for the Photoshop Beta, which is Photoshop but with A.I. and decided to make a small change to it.

This is the original from 2014:

The change I made was to add about an inch at the bottom using this new A.I. tool. Photoshop then showed me three examples to choose from. I chose the image below, but it wasn’t perfect even though it was the one I thought fit the scene best. There was an area where it looked as though the water foam just stopped, so I then used the Generative Fill to fix it. Here’s what the new layout looks like:

These were the three examples it gave me. The third example is what I chose. You can see where the water looks like it just cuts off.

What do you think?

The Photoshop Beta is available to anyone who has an Adobe account (unlike Firefly where you have to submit a request to be accepted into the beta, but even then, I’m pretty sure it’s easy to get accepted). Photoshop Beta is separate from Photoshop CC, which is a creative cloud subscription. If anything, give it a try. It’s a lot of fun.

A sketch and a concept composite

A couple of creative things I did last month.

Sketched a girl with the idea that she fell upon an island of pig-nosed humans.  They took her and converted her nose to one of theirs because it benefited her in that she would be able to smell danger and poison and such much easier and quicker then a tiny human nose.  I definitely need more practice because it’s not exactly the way I like it.
lb_humaneel11072015_800The composite above was done for a contest in which I didn’t win but I enjoyed making it because I realized how much I’ve missed working on my computer and with the Wacom tablet and pen.  Took me about 5 hours to complete, which included looking for stock photos.  The face and arms are actually me.  I had taken a set of photos of myself a couple months ahead with plans to use them for concept.  I’m really glad I was able to use one for this.