Mother’s Day Wonderfulness

If you celebrate Mother’s Day, I hope you had a great one.  I always enjoy going over my mom’s house to see my parents and siblings and to catch up on life.  A lot of times, the siblings and I like to talk and debate about politics and entertainment, and at times things can get a little heated, but we’re siblings so we always forgive each other, and accept each other for what we believe.  What I find funny is that each of us still call our parents, “my mom,” or “my dad,” even when we are together as if we each had our own parents.

Mother’s Day at home with my husband and kids was really sweet.  My youngest made a special gift for me at school and was so good about keeping it a secret that even when I tried to pry it out of her, she wouldn’t admit it.  Husband got me a very special gift: a Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headset.  I had wanted one for a very long time, just a simple one, but he went the extra mile and got a bluetooth!


This headpset is really amazing.  The sound quality is clean and crisp and the bass is really nice.  I’ve been listening to Danny Rayel with the headset and the music sounds even more beautiful.  Here’s a few of my favorites from Danny:

Cold Memores

Blossoming Heart

Travel With Me

I tend to listen to epic and trailer music when I’m painting in Photoshop or when I’m writing.  Goals is to have a writing blog but I’m still waiting for courage to put my writing up.  It will happen soon, I hope.  Anyway, for about two weeks now I’ve been working on a concept environment painting I’m calling, “Turtle Land”.  I’m hoping to share more of my progress on my Fairytale and Fantasy Art blog, but here’s an image of where I’m at currently.


Gone Android

Last week, husband and I upgraded our phones to androids.  We tried to avoid getting into the android world because it’s too expensive and too time consuming…time away from the family.  But, we did it.

For me, it’s really about having a good quick camera with me at all times.  I wanted the flexibility of being able to take a photo anytime and anywhere without carrying a big bulky camera or separate heavy pieces in my purse.  Before, I would carry my cell phone, Nikon Coolpix, my wallet, Kindle, calendar book, sketchpad, keys, sunglasses, and some beauty products all in my purse.  I even wanted to get an HD camcorder to record my daughters’ activities and family events when we are out and about.  Imagine all that in a large heavy purse!

One year in college, I only carried a small cloth zipper wallet big enough to fit my ID’s, credit cards, and a chapstick, and it fit into the front pocket of my jeans or into a pocket in my jacket…life was simple and I loved it.  I have no pictures or video to remember much of that time though.  And, with me being forgetful these days…photos and videos really help keep me together, and of course, they are also for memories of our family.

I am glad to say that my new android phone has been a big help.  The all-in-one thing is great (I still have to carry an actual calendar schedule though) and I’ve realized that I’ve been missing out on technology, especially in the area of apps.  My husband loves playing with the apps more so than I do, but I do have a few that I am child-like about:

1.  Instagram

Love love love this app!  This is the app that I’ve been dying to have and have been going bonkers with it ever since I got it.

Here are some shots I’ve taken:

2. Shazam

My sister (who does not have an android yet but will soon) introduced me to this.  It will come in handy when I hear a song on the radio that I love but don’t know the title or singer.  I tested it yesterday while driving home from my parents’ house and got way too excited.

3. Barcode Scanner

Used to scan Quick Response (QR) barcodes and books.

I learned that I could generate my own QR barcode and generated two of them.

This blog:

My digital scrapbook blog:

Go here to generate your own code.

I promise, I will not get too deep into apps.  I know how time consuming they can be.  I’ve watched my husband play with his apps and I miss having him sit next to me with us lost in a good conversation.  I got down on him about it last week and he put the phone down but he did get right back to it over the weekend.