Tints and Shades

Sorry for the bad quality of photo.  There wasn’t enough light and I upped the ISO pretty high thus the graininess.


This assignment asked for stamped butterflies or similar but I don’t have a lot of stamps so I decided to create the butterflies in Photoshop and overlay with digital scrapbooking papers (which I have a ton of), then I sent it to the Silhouette to trace and cut.  I used 3-D foam squares to stick the butterflies onto the paper.  The project asked for Glazing Fluid Medium but I don’t have that so I used Clear Gesso which turned out very similar.  My Reeves Acrylic paints are on the darker side so I had to mix in white to create the pastels.  I had to let this paint dry for at least a full day before I could add the embellishments.

Photos From The Butterfly Pavilion

My favorite moment inside the butterfly canopy was when I saw these two turtles looking toward the pond.  I saw myself in them, except I’m looking toward the beach, with my husband, as we watch the sunset in blazing colors.

I think she was overwhelmed with all the butterflies.  Her favorite moment was when she gently touched a butterfly’s wing before it swiftly flew away.  We’re not supposed to touch them but her little fingers reached out so quickly that by the time we told her not to touch them, it was already too late.