Blue Dragonfly

[Blue Dragonfly]

A couple of days ago I saw this 5 inch dragonfly in our garage.  I was getting ready to take Kida to her guitar lesson and noticed a bright blue colorful thing amongst the dusted cement floor.  At first, I thought it was dead but then I touched the wings gently with the tip of my shoes and the wings started flapping.  I found a way to take it out of the garage and laid it on the front yard mulch before driving off.  Kida’s guitar class was canceled so when we returned, I noticed that ants had gotten to the poor dragonfly and he wasn’t even dead yet!  It looked like he was trying to get away from the ants but he couldn’t.  Something was wrong with his wings and I think something else was wrong with him too.  It was as if he also had a broken leg or two.  I shook the ants off with a piece of mulch and found a way to put him on one of the moss rocks away from the ants.  I didn’t check on him after I took photos because I didn’t want to see what I knew would eventually happen.

Memory Lane: 80’s Hair


I was diggin’ the barrettes with the large bows in those days and check out those earring! I believe they were my sister’s.  The hair used to be a lot more poofy.  I think because this was at the end of that decade, the hair was slowly flattening.

How clueless I was about myself and the world then.  Still clueless about me these days but the world, I think I’ve got it a bit. 🙂