Repost Day by Day – Project Life Week 4

Original date: 2.26.14

Week 4.  I tried a couple of new techniques:

1. A fold out page.

2. Sewed all the way around a journal card.


Our puppy, Teddy.  She’s not a puppy anymore but she’s still a sweetie.

I used products from: Studio Calico, Becky Higgins Project Life, We R Memory Keepers, My Mind’s Eye, and Tim Holtz.

Repost Project Life Week 10

Original date: 4.17.13

Here is week 10.  This week is sort of a continuation from last week’s mostly birthday pages.  This week was actually the girls’ real birthdays so the family decided to do something small for each of them on their birth date.








Closeups, etc.:





Products used: Becky Higgins Project Life Amber Edition, Sleeves by Becky Higgins and We R Memory Keeprs, Staple/stapler by Tim Holtz, Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L, journal cards by Persnickety Prints (cameras, arrows, and hello) and Lee Benkers Designs (Vintage Birds).  Oz the Great and Powerful images were from the Internet.

Repost Project Life Purchases + Week 1

Original date: 1.28.13

Left to right: A smaller corner puncher by EK Success, Project Life Core Kit Amber Edition, and Project Life Organizational Tray.  Originally I meant to order the Olive Edition but when I received the Amber Edition, it was so pretty it didn’t matter.  I may get the Olive Edition in the future.  I got an additional Project Life Organizational Tray even though the Core Kit already comes with one.  I’m using it to hold 4×6 and 3×4 journal cards that I make myself and that I purchase.

Beautiful aren’t they?  It’s nice to have them available to just jot down thoughts and whatever.

The new corner puncher, on the left, creates a smaller round corner.  I’ve had the one on the right for awhile.  I like them both equally and they both work awesome!

I’m so thrilled to have started my weekly Project Life (PL)!  It’s a lot of work.  More than I anticipated.  There are days when I wonder if this will be worth it or if I should do the digital version.  I’m still struggling with which direction to go but I’m going to give the weekly PL a try this year and see how things go.

Here are my layouts for Week 1:

Repost Project Life: School Binders and Family Hike

Original date: 9.06.12

I’m so excited today!  My Amazon order came in with a few goodies I ordered:


I needed new pens to write with so I ordered these precision pens of various sizes from American Crafts.  Then, I ordered Design G Photo Pocket Pages from Becky Higgins.  I really like the combination of two small 3×4 pockets with two vertical and two horizontal 4×6 pockets.  A month ago I ordered one set of dividers and really loved everything about them so I ordered another one.  I’m sure I will probably go through these as quickly as I did the first order.  You can see how I’m using them below.

These are the binders for my girls.  I’ve separated them five years in each book using school grade levels as breaking points: Birth to Pre-K and Kindergarten to 5th Grade.  These binders will include:

1. Documents and photos from birth.  The legal documents (such as proof of birth) will not be stored in these binders.  They are stored in a fire safe locked safe, of course.

2. Documents, artwork, and photos from their individual activities such as dances recital, catechism (as mentioned in the previous post), things they do with their friends, etc.  Just basically anything that is exclusive to them.

3. School stuff.

This soft pink binder is Kylie’s.  You can see how I’ve used the dividers to separate each year.  It’s so neat that Becky’s labels come with pre made label stickers with numbers, months of the year, and school grade levels on them.  The label packets also include blank stickers so you can write whatever you want on them.  I wrote “Birth” on that first label (above).  I was surprised at how thick and sturdy the dividers and label stickers were and I love it.  You can see that I’m not done with Kyie’s binder.  I’m missing Year Two and Year Three dividers and it was because I ran out of dividers.  Now that I’ve got more, I can continue.  Not that I couldn’t before without them.  It just seems easier to have the dividers tell me I’m missing something in that section and need to go look for it…LOL!

This bright pink binder is Kida’s.  This is to show you how I’ve used the dividers and labels in her binder.  Again, it helps me see where I need to go looking for stuff.

This is Kida’s first page under the labeled divider, Kindergarten.  It is a digital scrapbook page I created last year for Roseyties Designs, a designer I used to create layouts for.  You can see the actual digital layout here.

Next is her Kidergarten class picture.  I used the 8×10 horizontal sleeve by Becky Higgens for this photo.  The photo was actually slightly smaller than 8×10 so I cut a scrapbook paper to 8×10 and used double-sided tape to tape it on.  That’s it for Kindergarten so far.  I know I have boxes of her stuff somewhere in the basement that I’ll need to dig for.


This report card was when we moved to the new house and she started second grade at the new school.  I used the 8.5×11 sleeves by We R Memory Keepers.

In the spring of that same year she finished her Holy Communion through the Hmong Catholic Catechism.  I used the 8×10 horizontal sleeve by Becky Higgins.

Here is an example of an incomplete page.  The first item, the image of a coyote with the words, “Welcome Back!” is a postcard her teacher sent her before the school year started.  I used a 4-6×6 sleeve by We R Memory Keepers for this.

This is the flip side with the writing on the backside of the postcard.

The 4×6 image with the words, the reindeer, and santa was made using papers and elements from a designer I used to create layouts for named, Creations by Tinamarie.



This was from the play, The Nutcracker, through her dance school.  She got a small part playing one of the mice.  The sleeve is design A from Becky Higgins.

This is at the end of her Kindergarten through 5th Grade binder.  It is a large envelope to store things that don’t fit into a sleeve such as, her written books, artwork, etc.  I named it 4th Grade but I’ll be changing it something that will encompass all her years.

Last, here are pages that I’ve completed for our family binder from our hike this summer:








I used a combination of sleeves from Becky Higgins and We R Memory Keepers.  I also used scrapbook papers that I’ve cut up before taking down the names of the company/designers.  I’ll work on getting things like that down next time.  The quotes I use in the sleeves are from Pinterest.

Hope you’ve been inspired.

My Project Life & Project Life Digital

Earlier this month, I received my Project Life order from and couldn’t wait to get started!

I’ve been following the creator of Project Life, Becky Higgins, for about 3 years now and have just recently purchased some of her products.  Before I knew of Project Life, I was doing something similar using products from We R Memory Keepers.  I mentioned it in this blog post.  But, when Becky introduced the 6×12 Page Protectors and Big Envelopes, I just had to get them!  I have two girls who are both in school and sometimes when they bring home artwork or writings, I just don’t know where to put them and have wanted something to keep them all together with photos and other memorabilia.

These are my current albums.  As you can tell, I’ve fallen behind and have not found a good way to keep my labels on.

I still have a lot of work to do to make my albums more story-like.  Before, they were pretty much 12×12 sleeves and more about scrapbook/digi-scrapbook pages.  It’s nice and all but I have a yearning to tell a story.

Here is a 6×12 page protector with an art piece Kylie made at her preschool.  It is special enough to me that I want it to be in its own sleeve.  During her parent-teacher conference a month back, her teacher told husband and I that she was an excellent scissor cutter (better than her classmates), and was proud of her ability.  I was very proud as well, mainly because when Kida was at the same preschool 5 years ago, we had this same conference and her teacher asked us, “Does Kida know how to cut with a scissor because she didn’t know how to hold a scissor and struggled with cutting paper.”  I told her teacher that I just never had her use a scissor because I thought it was too dangerous.  I learned something about myself that day.  I learned that I have to let go of the fear that my kids will hurt themselves because getting hurt is sometimes the best way to learn.

This page is my first real Project Life page for Kylie.  I took a bunch of photos and wanted to finish this page but realized that the photos I took were vertical and these pocket pages are horizontal.  I’m going to order the vertical ones so this page will have to wait.  In the meantime, I’ve been taking photos just about every day of both my girls and writing notes for some of them.

Credits: The 3×4 card with Kylie’s pronunciations on the right is an idea I got from Paislee Press’s Project Life.  The card design is from the Picture This Journal Blocks by Designs by Anna & Kitty Designs.

Digital Project Life

Yes, I am hoarding Project Life.

I have also started a digital version of Project Life through  Actually, I tried to start one a year ago but never finished.  I believe I only completed one or two pages and then backed out of it.  I guess because I didn’t really trust it.  I went with Kodak instead and created a beautiful book of Kylie’s first years.  The downside was that the book was very boxed.  I had very little flexibility as to what I could do.  Maybe it was just that I didn’t know my way around putting text wherever I wanted or rearranging photos to my taste but I struggled with it.

Digital Project Life is different.  There is so much flexibility.  SO MUCH.  I’m creating my pages with my jaw open and my mind thinking, “Wow, I could do that?  Let’s try this…wow…crazy…amazing…OMG, could I really do that?…wow…wow…wow.”  Honestly, there is still a small limit (hint…better fonts) but otherwise, I love everything about it.  There are tons of backgrounds and elements to use and I could put a text box anywhere I want to and write as much as my heart desires.  I dreamed of one day being able to utilize something this fun and creative and Becky made it all possible.

This is the first two pages of my Digital Project Life.  My goal with this book is to mainly document this blog but I’m also including other pieces of my life that I don’t blog about.  This book is going to be about me.  Life through my eyes and through my camera.  I’ve noticed that most mothers who create digital books or scrapbook tend to focus on their kids and/or the whole family from a 3rd person point-of-view.  I have 4 binders for that (see above, photo #2) but I also want my girls to know who I am besides the person they know as, Mom.  I guess it is something that I wish my mother had.

So far, I’ve completed January.  I’m putting one day a week into this Digital Project Life.

You might ask, why do you want to do this?  I do this because I want my daughters to know how important it is to enjoy life and to document it so that they can have something to remember by, and pass it down to their kids.  I want them to know their mother as a person with dreams and goals for herself.  I want them to know the love between their mom and dad and the almost normal life we try to create for them.

Next goal is to start Kida on documenting her life.  I’ve been eying K&Company SMASH folios and a few other pieces from that collection.