Daughter has been dancing for 5 years now and has been most passionate about ballet.  She recently was approved for pointe so last week husband and I took her to get her very first pointe shoes.  We’re very proud her.



Project Life December 2014: The Nutcracker

Both girls danced in The Nutcracker, a musical presented by their dance school, last week.  They were amazing as always!

Oldest daughter was a flower girl (black and white photo).  She’s center in the glasses.  Youngest daughter as an angel (2nd photo).


KY1220140032_500These are the Project Life layouts.




Both the girls were in the play, Cinderella, through their dance school.  It was exciting to see them partake in this production but I am more glad that it is over with.  They still have their regular dance classes to go to for a couple more weeks then they should be on break until next year.  With the weather getting colder, I just want to stay home, drink lots of hot chocolate, and work on my Project Life.

Photos from the play (Note: these are from rehearsal, the day before the actual performance):

CINDERELLA_0076Kylie is the pumpkin second from left.


CINDERELLA_0100Kida is center.