Backyard Finally Done!

Our backyard is finally done.  To see the before photos with similar views of the images above, go here.

Here are more before and after:

The grass does look a little funny with the two colors but it’s because they were from two different harvest. One was harvested before the other.  They are the same grass so eventually the yellowish green parts will turn green with all the watering that husband’s been doing (well, that is what we hope).

Husband just has a bit of walkway to finish + a bit of river rock up the side of the house and that’s about it for the hard labor.  We will be creating a small area for herbs and a vegetable garden.  I’m not sure if I can really grow a veggie garden but I will give it a try next spring.  We also have a couple of trees to put up and some Xeriscape plants and bushes.  I also really want some raspberry bushes on the side of our house.

Trenching the Yard

[8.2011: Kylie doing a balancing act]

The backyard landscaping is moving along slowly but it’s starting to take shape.  I could almost see what it’ll end up looking like.  Husband and my father-in-law (FIL) trenched the yard a couple of weeks ago for the sprinkler system.  Man, that was serious labor.

This machine looks very innocent but it’s extremely heavy and difficult to push.  Husband said that bringing this machine (a rental from Lowe’s) down the hill to our backyard wasn’t so bad but pushing it up the hill was dreadful.  I’m just glad this is a one time thing.  Imagine having to do this as a job!

As I type, husband and FIL are laying down tarp and rocks.  I should have photos coming soon.

Btw, we planted our first tree in the backyard: a ponderosa pine.