Repost Project Life: 6×6 Printed Digital Layouts

Original date: 9.20.12

Last week I printed quite a few 6×6 digital layouts.  One of my goals is to print all the digital scrapbook pages I’ve made since I started digital scrapbooking.  So far I’ve printed two months out of almost 24 months.

At first, I printed them just in 12×12 size but then realized that I had way too many and it would cost quite a lot to try and print them all that size.  Plus, some of the layouts were just okay and I didn’t want to have to print the ones I didn’t like so much in 12×12, but I still wanted them printed.  When I ordered Becky Higgin’s Project Life sleeves combination packet awhile back, one of the sleeves sizes came in a 4 pocket, 6×6 size.  I print most of my digital layouts through Persnickety Prints (have recently only been printing them all through Persnickety because of their awesome quality and great customer service) and saw that they printed in 6×6.  So, 6×6 pocket sleeves + 6×6 layouts. Perfect.  A few months back, I printed my first few 6×6 size and loved it.

Note:  While shopping at Archiver’s store a couple of months back I learned that We R Memory Keepers also made the 4-6×6 sleeves so I bought a packet of them too.

For my girls, I am putting their 6×6 layouts in their individual binders.  For other layouts, I am putting them in a binder just for 6×6 layouts.





This 12×12 layout of Kylie, when she was two-years-old ^, was a freebie print from Persnickety.  I had ordered some papers/elements from Pickle Berry Pop and received a coupon for a free 12×12 print through Persnickety.  When I ordered and used the coupon code, it didn’t work, so I called Persnickety about the problem (they were not aware of the coupon, btw) and they went ahead and gave it to me for free.





^ These bottom two layouts are a two-page layout.  It was originally created for a challenge at Scrap Orchard.  I really like how it turned out.


That’s it for my printed digital layouts so far.  All these layouts are in my gallery at Digi Shop Talk.

Next on my Project Life to do:

I ordered 101 photos from the special Shutterfly offered for free last week.  I can’t wait to work on these photos!

Repost Project Life: Binders, Disney World, ’09 Graduation, and Movie Layouts

Original date: 5.16.12

Project Life can get un-motivating at times.  What I normally do when that happens is, I visit blogs that talk about Project Life.  First, I’ll drop by Becky Higgin’s blog and from there go on to her designers’ blogs.  It helps A LOT.  I love all their ideas and methods for putting their Project Life together and sometimes I’ll take a little bit of ideas from them to help put mine together.  I’m trying to stay away from too much embellishments (flowers, tags, ribbons, etc.) because I want mine to be pretty simple, quick, and fun.  And, because I never have much time, I don’t want to stretch a page for weeks and months (and even years), which I used to do when I paper scrapped.  I also tend to take lots of photos and don’t want to throw them away and scrapping with one photo at a time will take forever.

Yesterday, I dropped by Archiver’s to pick up another 12×12 leather 3-ring binder from We R Memory Keepers.  These binders are just fabulous!  I was debating between getting another colorful one, a black one, or a white one.  I even thought of grabbing the dark brown one, but as you know, I love colors (just not in my clothes) so I went for the yellow (mustard?) one.  It is very pretty.

My binder collection is growing!  I now have 5.  I also managed to create labels for all of them.  You can see what my previous binders looked like here.

I’m trying to get my 2 girls (10 and 5) to work on their books.  My 10-year-old has a Smash Folio and my 5-year-old has a regular 12×12 book.  They love it when I bring home pretty papers and that always excites them to scrap.

I am slowly getting there with my Project Life.  I am working in all directions.  I’ll work on pictures that I’m motivated to put together.  Lately, it’s been about our Disney World trip in 2010.







It’s not completely done yet.  I still have a few more pages to go but it’s getting there!

Then, I found all the cards husband got for his 2009 graduation from pharmacy school.  The Becky Higgins Big Envelope Pages comes in handy for this.  I’ve put all the cards that contained sentimental writings in the envelope.  I’ll be working on the photos next.

And last, the family went to watch, “Mirror Mirror” and because there was a story behind how we ended up watching that movie, I documented it.

My digital Project Life is coming along slowly as well.  I’ll share pieces from it soon.

Right now I am in the process of working on a new kit.  It too is coming along slowly.  Sometimes, unexpected things happen in life to the people we love and we have to take a moment to think things through.  I lost a wonderful cousin about a week ago.  Then, last week, my husband got into a car accident.  He was not hurt but now has to deal with the car insurance company with getting his car fixed.