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Kitchen Remodeling: Before and After

It’s all done!  It’s such a relief and it’s a very beautiful kitchen now.  Not that it wasn’t before but it’s just a lot more fun to play in it.  We are not completely done though.  There are still a few things we need to add like cabinet knobs and matching outlet colors on the bill nook.





Bill nook before:


Bill nook after:


Kitchen Remodeling: Backsplash

Husband put in the backsplash to cut cost.  Before his current career and before loading and unloading for UPS, he tiled for a living.  He worked through a company but billed his own hours, so in essence, he was his own business.  He would get up just before dawn and head downtown to the heart of the city where luxury apartment lofts were going up.  He would spend his day tiling everything from bathrooms, floors, to kitchens.  That was his specialty and he was good at it.  He usually came home after dusk and sometimes even close to midnight.  He made good money but the job was not steady.  If someone made it to the job site before him and took the job, he’d be left with something smaller that paid less.  It was always a competition. Then there were days when there was nothing to tile or he’d have to wait for the other guys to do their stuff before he could start tiling.  The waiting paid nothing.  There were weeks when he’d have no job and money was super tight.  You can never forget the hardships.

Anyway, it didn’t take husband very long to put in the backsplash in our kitchen.  It took less than a day’s work.


Kitchen Remodeling: Faucet

Here’s the new faucet and sink.  It’s beautiful.



Kitchen Remodeling: Counter Tops Finished

The granite counter tops are done.  The faucet looks tilted because it wasn’t screwed in yet.  The plumber came the day after the granite went in and put in the plumbing and faucet.

Kitchen Remodeling: Inside the Island

Junk inside the island area.  We had the house built in 2009 and were always suspicious of things like this from the construction crew.  Once we found a soda can inside the wall after they had sealed it up.  They had to move or add an outlet and when the construction guy broke through the wall, there was an empty soda can, so he removed it.  Seven years later and we find more junk inside our house.


Kitchen Remodeling

Husband and I decided to remodel our kitchen.  We had laminate countertops and are now going with granite.  Here are some before photos:


DIY Seat Cushion

Husband and I decided to put a seat cushion on the stairs landing.  I did some research on Youtube and Pinterest, took notes, then went to buy the items.  Bought fabric, batting, and foam at Jo-Anne’s.  Then went to Lowe’s for the plywood.  Husband trimmed the plywood to the correct measurements then we put it all together using a staple gun.  No sewing involved.  We spent about $140 for everything including the pillows, which were from IKEA.  It feels nice and cozy in that area now.