Notebook Cover Collection

Daily writing prompt
Do you have any collections?

I believe it was in 2015 that I bought my first traveler’s notebook, a Midori. This one notebook cover led to many others, and suddenly, I became a collector. As a kid, I collected stickers, and in my twenties and thirties, I collected lipsticks and perfumes, and now, in my forties, it’s notebook covers…and notebooks too, as you will see later.

Here are all my standards:



A5 Folio:


B6 Folio:



Personal (two on the left), B6 Narrow, and the Lancaster, a slightly more narrow B6 Narrow:

I’ve also started to collect hardcover notebooks. I don’t have a lot, but I think I have enough to constitute a collection:




On the left is a notebook that’s a tad smaller than the A5, and on the right is a B6:

A few notebooks that I don’t think I plan to keep only because the quality isn’t as good as the ones above:

There you have it. My collections. 🙂