Book Review: Rebels and Thieves

Title: Rebels and Thieves
Author: Russell Williams
Genre: Fiction; Crime Thriller
Year Published: December 29, 2018

Date Started: May 15, 2023

Date finished: May 17, 2023

This story follows Detective Rick Malone as he unravels the corruption behind an investment firm. Malone is a married man who’s having marital problems. His wife has expectations of him, but all he can think about is his work. When he finds out that one of his co-workers was murdered, plus a few other incidents that hit close to home, it ramped up his determination to take down the enemy. There were layers to the investment firm. The Russian mafia was determined to bank off this company and was willing to do whatever it took. Those who made the decision to work for the mafia found themselves in a tangled mess.

The buildup of this story was excellent. Rick Malone was well-developed and stayed true to his character. He was the perfect anti-hero. He took his job seriously and wanted to do his job well, but as far as being the perfect husband, it wasn’t so easy. His wife was a bit too demanding of him, plus the pressure from his boss and his dad added to his stress. There was so much coming at him, yet he was able to think straight and do what was right. He persisted and fought through it all.

This was one of my favorite detective crime thrillers. I loved how everything flowed and the characters had depth to them. The tension was there, the enemy was truly vicious. The pacing was on point. Nothing was given out, but nothing was withheld either. The story simply unfolded naturally and felt real. Loved everything about it.

Who should read this book: Anyone into crime thrillers who also enjoy a bit of family drama.