Book Review: Saving Washington’s Army

Title: Saving Washington’s Army
Author: Phillip Thomas Tucker
Genre: Nonfiction; History
Year Published: May 10, 2022

Date Started: August 13, 2022
Date finished: August 16, 2022

This book covers a section of American history that wasn’t mentioned or was barely mentioned in school. It’s about General John Glover, a sea captain before becoming general, who tactically lead his army to defeat the British invasion targeting Washington’s army. Being a sea captain, Glover was able to bring on soldiers whom he worked with out on the sea including Native Americans and Black Americans who were never slaves, but seamen who worked along other seamen equally.

The angle is on Glover’s story and everything having to do with how his army was created and who was chosen to work alongside and with Glover. There is very little on Washington and his army, which at first, I found a little confusing because I thought we’d learn why Washington’s army was “protected,” (as in, why they were so important) but learned that it wasn’t at all about Washington’s army, but Glover’s army and how he and his army was put in position to make sure the British didn’t ever reach Washington’s army. I enjoyed this perspective because we hardly know anything about Glover’s army and how important his part was during the Revolutionary War.

I’m glad I was able to read this book because I enjoy learning about history. This book reminded me that freedom comes with a heavy price and that we should continue to celebrate and honor the heroes who fought for what we have today. The only thing in the book that I felt wasn’t necessary was the negative connotations around the British Army. They did what they had to do too. I think it could have been written differently so as not to give a feeling of dislike toward them. Overall, this was a worthy read and would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Who should read this book: If you’re into learning history, this one will blow your mind. They don’t teach this stuff in school.