My NaNoWriMo Status

I can’t believe I’ve written my novel every day since the first of this month.  It feels great.  My fingertips hurt from typing but just seeing how I’m getting so close to 50K words is exhilarating.  Honestly, I wouldn’t be writing this much and my story wouldn’t be flourishing right in front of me if I wasn’t held accountable like this.


A couple favorite music I listen to while writing:

“At the Edge of the Cliff” by DreamScape

“Aitherios” by Axl Rosenberg [This one is my favorite because I love the transition starting from 1:45.] – I listen to it on repeat on soundcloud, here:

*I’m not affiliated with these musicians nor am I promoting for them.  I really just love them ’cause they inspire me.


Acrylic Painting of Couple In Rain

A year ago I came across a painting tutorial on Youtube of a couple in the rain and really wanted to attempt it but I didn’t have the resources at the time.  I waited until I collected everything I needed and the courage to paint something of this size.  For me, it wasn’t an easy painting and took me longer than the artist in the YT video to finish, but it was well worth it.


Here’s my steps.  I used a 30×40 Artist’s Loft canvas


Products used:


Artifact Uprising And NaNoWriMo

Welcome November!  October felt a little long this year but it could be due to the steady weather we’ve had.  Just maybe a couple of days of rain during the night and zero snow.  Anyhow, in mid-September, Artifact Uprising offered free square prints and I thought I’d try it out to see what’s so special about them.  Well, I was surprised to find how beautiful they were.  The quality is superb and the packaging was clean and organized.  I can’t decide if I want to use them for my Christmas photo or go with who I normally do (Minted or Persnickety).  Who knew deciding the paper for a Christmas photo would be so stressful.  I am definitely leaning toward Artifact though.  It really depends on if I want to use templates or create my own design.  I am doing NaNoWriMo again this year.  Last year I got about 15,000 words in.  This time, I’m going for the finish: 50,000 words AND finish the novel.  So, if time permits, I’ll create my own Christmas card design, otherwise, Artifact it is, unless Minted has a really good discount or I’m completely drawn to one of their designs.  Yeah, I still can’t decide.