Monthly Archives: September 2016

Kitchen Remodeling: Faucet

Here’s the new faucet and sink.  It’s beautiful.



Kitchen Remodeling: Counter Tops Finished

The granite counter tops are done.  The faucet looks tilted because it wasn’t screwed in yet.  The plumber came the day after the granite went in and put in the plumbing and faucet.

Kitchen Remodeling: Inside the Island

Junk inside the island area.  We had the house built in 2009 and were always suspicious of things like this from the construction crew.  Once we found a soda can inside the wall after they had sealed it up.  They had to move or add an outlet and when the construction guy broke through the wall, there was an empty soda can, so he removed it.  Seven years later and we find more junk inside our house.


Kitchen Remodeling

Husband and I decided to remodel our kitchen.  We had laminate countertops and are now going with granite.  Here are some before photos: