Random Photos: Food

I’ve been working on eating healthier and thought I’d share some of those food.  Not everything is healthy yet but I’m getting there.

Deli Cajun turkey sandwich with thin pretzels and hummus.  Sausage stir fry with cabbage and a side of white rice.  I have reduced my intake of white rice to almost nothing and it feels great!

TURKEYSAUSAGE_840Kao piak.  The noodles are made with rice powder and glutenous rice powder.  This is one comfort food I don’t think I can ever stop eating but I’m going to limit how much I eat.  It’ll be hard because it is so good.  Zucchini spaghetti with turkey meat marinara and a side of roasted asparagus and French bread.

KAOPIAKTRKYSPG_840Quinoa tabbouleh and baked herb breaded chicken breasts.  First time making tabbouleh and loved it!


Fish tacos. First time fish taco maker and it turned out so refreshing and delicious!


Left over fish taco fish, slaw, and avocado with left over tabbouleh.  Deli Cajun turkey on nut bread with side of Lays Potato Chips.  I have a hard time eating sandwiches without something crunchy to go with it so that’s something I’ll need to work on.




Father’s Day Gifts

Last Sunday was Father’s Day.  Got husband these pretty cool cufflinks.


My 8-year-old was done with school about a week and a half ago but her class made a Father’s Day gift before school ended.  It’s too cute. 🙂


Growing Herbs

I’m trying my hands at growing herbs again.  They seem to be doing pretty well but I think I’m passed re-potting.  It’s been about three weeks now.


Renaissance Festival

Last weekend the family went to the Renaissance Festival in Larkspur, CO.  The last time we went there husband and I were still dating.

REN061420150003_600REN061420150022_840 REN061420150038_840 REN061420150048_600 REN061420150062_840 REN061420150067_840 REN061420150068_840 REN061420150114_840

This last photo was over exposed (I forgot to adjust my ISO) but I thought it looked pretty neat.  The wash-out girl was actually painted white and stood very still like a statue.  If you put money in her basket, she starts to move really slowly as a “thank you” gesture for a few minutes, then freezes again.



KIREHEARSAL060420150108B_840Recitals are here.  I can’t believe how fast this dance year went by.  I’ll post up more photos from the rehearsal once it’s all done but in the meantime, enjoy this one of my daughter doing her jump.  I was told this performance was a last minute decision add-in to this show (there are quite a few shows) and we didn’t bring her costume.