Repost The Family: I Am

Original date: 5.31.12

I was reading through some bookmarked scrapbook blogs and came upon one on “I Am…”  A couple of years ago, I already wrote down 20 “I Am’s” for myself after reading this blogger’s post on an “I Am” video.  You can read my top 20 list here.  I was inspired to write more “I Am’s” after reading the scrapbook blog but instead of doing it again, I decided to add another 10 to my list and asked my daughters and husband to write down theirs by handing them a pre-written index card with a list of 10 “I am…” for them to finish.

Here is what we have:



His is a little a hard to read because he seriously has the worst handwriting in the world so I’ll type it here so you can read it easier.  He also didn’t just stop at 10.

1. Nerdy

2. Passionate

3. Curious

4. Adventurous

5. An artist

6. Happy

7. Driven

8. Picky

9. Frugal

10. An investor

11. A father

12. A husband

13. A teacher

14. A scientist



These will be going into my Project Life.

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