Repost Project Life Week 2

Original date: 2.04.13

I am working on week 3 and 4 this week.  Originally, when I started on Project Life (PL) last year I was pretty much just taking photos, printing them, and putting them into the sleeves and binders and adding quotes or journaling.  I had no organization.  I thought that’s all it was.  Simple.  Right?  No.

After going about what I mentioned above, I realized how crazy that was.  I was never going to get anywhere doing it that way.  Maybe some people can but I have to organize everything on paper and on my computer before I put the finished product into the sleeves.

Through trial and error, I found a method that worked for me.  This is how I go about it and it has helped me move things along faster.  It has also been much more enjoyable to plan this way and has made seeing the end result of each completed page so worthwhile.

I started this new way of accomplishing PL by sketching the PL sleeve designs and writing in where I’d put each photo using sticky notes (above image).  I soon realized how messy that would get so I invested in a notebook and used Post It Page Markers to track each week.  This worked out perfect!


In the notebook above, I don’t have a week 1 marker because it was done without a sketch and was the last straw before I started this new method.  This book also includes quickly jotted words my kids say.  They are the best thing to journal about because they grow up so quickly.
I organize my digital photos this way:

After uploading photos from the camera to my computer, I organize them into folders for each day I’ve taken photos, then into weeks.

When I am done with each week’s page, I rename the folders to show that I am done.  Saves me from going back and forth trying to figure out what still needs to be done.

Inside each week, I have another folder with photos that I will be putting into PL, thus will be printed.  I organize these photos based on my sketched layout.

I then upload the photos to a printing place.  I don’t stick to one printing place since I’m always on the lookout for special sales and discounts.  I print a lot of photos because I take a lot of photos.  My PL tends to have two to three and even four pages of the same event.  That’s okay with me because I love photos.
Here is what the layout looks like from the above photo examples (excluding the 3 photo at top – those went in a different sleeve):
Here are the layouts for the rest of week 2:
The 2nd page of Jan 08 is used in example above.
When I don’t have enough photos for a week and my pages end up with a blank side, I’ll use a full 12×12 patterned scrapbook paper in place.  I have a thing for pretty pattern papers so I was more than happy to add them to my pages!

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