Repost Project Life Week 13

Original date: 10.11.13

I am so behind on my Project Life.  I was trying to juggle too many things and just didn’t have the time to do it all.  I haven’t given up on it though.  I’ve looked at the pages I’ve made so far and I’m really enjoying seeing all those memories.  My girls love looking through them too!  And, I’ve realized that my girls are the source of my motivation.  The other night I was lying in bed thinking about all the photos I’ve taken of them and still haven’t printed them or put them in photo books.  I really need to get a move on it.

After doing 3 months of the 52 weeks method, I realized that that’s not for me.  I’m glad I hung in there for that long because I can truly say, it’s just too much work.  I also need to see when each new month starts and ends and need some type of divider for a visual.  Almost everything I do is broken down into months and years so it would only make sense to do my layouts this way.  Going forward, all my Project Life will be by months.

But, because I ended the 3rd month in the weekly method, I’m going to share what I have using that method this one last time.  Below is week 13 + March 31st…or the last full week of March and Easter Sunday.

I’ve also made other changes to my method:

1. I won’t be including information on products I use unless it’s something I’m really excited about.  You can e-mail me personally if something stands out and you want to know where I got it from.

2.  My pages will be a bit more bland.  Honestly,  I’ve always loved the photos more than any embellishments.  I love embellishments and pretty things, mind you, I just think it takes attention away from what’s most important, and that’s the photo.  I follow quite a few bloggers who use Project Life and so far I am just distracted by the colorful things.  I’m not feeling ooohs and aaaahs.  I’m not motivated as I thought I’d be by all their prettiness.  I’m drawn to the most simplest pages with just the photos being the main focal point.

3. I will be taking photos of my pages from different angles instead of straight at the page.  This is just personal preference.  I will still do some close-ups here and there.

4. I will share my monthly pages, monthly, and I will probably not share every single page.

I want to continue staying positive about this.  I enjoy the journaling and putting journaling to the photos.  That’s going to be my focus.  I also want to be able to finish a full year and be proud that I did it.  And,  I want to continue doing this for a long time.

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