Repost Project Life Purchases + Week 1

Original date: 1.28.13

Left to right: A smaller corner puncher by EK Success, Project Life Core Kit Amber Edition, and Project Life Organizational Tray.  Originally I meant to order the Olive Edition but when I received the Amber Edition, it was so pretty it didn’t matter.  I may get the Olive Edition in the future.  I got an additional Project Life Organizational Tray even though the Core Kit already comes with one.  I’m using it to hold 4×6 and 3×4 journal cards that I make myself and that I purchase.

Beautiful aren’t they?  It’s nice to have them available to just jot down thoughts and whatever.

The new corner puncher, on the left, creates a smaller round corner.  I’ve had the one on the right for awhile.  I like them both equally and they both work awesome!

I’m so thrilled to have started my weekly Project Life (PL)!  It’s a lot of work.  More than I anticipated.  There are days when I wonder if this will be worth it or if I should do the digital version.  I’m still struggling with which direction to go but I’m going to give the weekly PL a try this year and see how things go.

Here are my layouts for Week 1:

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