Repost Day by Day – Project Life Week 2 And A Freebie

Original date: 1.21.14

I’ve got three pages for week 2.  The family had a lot going on and I also wanted to devote one page just for my daughter’s dance showcase.

View of the two page:

Right page:

Left page:





For the words, “Our Everyday,” (third photo up) I used the Silhouette to cut it out on paper.  You can see in the photo below how parts of the sheet I used hangs off the with space.  That’s totally okay.  I used pink paper to cut on but then realized that the pink paper wasn’t dark enough so afterward I used a dark ink stamp over the words to get the exact color I wanted.  I was surprised to find that I liked the look it gave.



It’s kind of funny but I like watching this machine cut.  It’s really cool.

My daughter loves the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth.  I read it first and then recommended it to her.  I think she loves it more than I do!  I made this journal card to use in my layout and thought I should share it just in case anyone is a big fan too.


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