Repost Day by Day – Project Life First Layout of 2014

Original date: 1.02.14

Happy New Year!

The class has started at Studio Calico for Day by Day.  I was going back and forth about going digital (the book method) or doing the paper and binder method for awhile.  I had set my mind on going completely digital but then there are pretty papers I like, pens I like using, and other embellishments that I simply can’t resist, so I’m going to be doing it both ways:  Digital and paper in binder.

I still have a lot of catching up to do of 2013, but I’m really excited about starting the new year fresh with a new motivation so I went ahead and created my first 2014 layout.

I used a couple of digital elements from the Day by Day class (bottom left elements).  As you know, I’m keeping up with the simplicity theme I mentioned a few months back.  I was hoping to get more layouts in before the new year but time just wasn’t on my side.  There will be lots of catching up though.

Hope your new year is starting out fabulous!

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