Digital Layout: Admire

Created this layout for my This Is Me binder.  This Is Me was a class I took a couple of years ago at Studio Calico.  Basically, the instructor provided prompts and scrapbooking ideas to get you inspired.  The title (This Is Me) is however you want to translate it but  the scrapping/documenting must have everything to do with you, not your family or friends .  For me, it was sort of a personal reflective kind of scrapbooking so I choose to focus on almost everything I did/was/believed before I became a mom (because we all know, motherhood leaves no time for us to be who we really are) and a few things here and there from the present.


I used the digital kit collab freebie by Just Jamie, Little Butterfly Wings, and Quirky Heart called, M3.  The photos were random Instagram screenshots and the fonts used were Sea Dreams and Hobo Std.


August Random

RANDOM082014LSKETCH0004_800At the desk sketching.


RANDOMKYFirstDay2Gr081120140023bw_600Kylie’s first day of school.

RANDOMASPENS082420140019_600Aspen damaged by the hail storms.

SWAPSENTME082520140002_800Crafting supplies from a swap.

RANDOMLB3BK082820140003_800The 3rd book of the Lightbringer series!!!!  Now I just need the author’s autograph.

Quick N Easy Asian Chicken Salad AKA Laab

In the past I’ve posted about laab before but it’s one of my favorite asian dishes so I thought I’d take new photos and share my process a little differently.

Laab is a spicy chicken, beef, pork, or fish dish usually eaten with lettuce and/or rice.  The main spices used to create the flavor are: hot peppers, lemon grass, ginger, galanga, and roasted uncooked white rice.  It can be time consuming chopping and roasting the rice and all and sometimes I don’t mind doing that but when I’m short on time or I’m just craving laab way too much, I reach for the seasoning mix.  You can buy this mix at pretty much any Asian market.


Fresh ingredients.  Top clockwise: chopped mint leaves, chopped cilantro, thinly sliced shallots, chopped scallions and limes.  I tend to add more lime juice in mine than necessary.  One lime should be enough for 1 lb. of meat but I used two.


Boiled chicken.  Allow the cooked chicken to cool a little before chopping it up to small pieces.  You can also use ground chicken (or other ground meats) and sautee in a pan with a bit of vegetable oil.  I prefer it boiled because it’s healthier and less oily.


Use a pestle to mash it.  I do it directly in the bowl where all the ingredients will go in.


Add the laab mix, the herbs, squeeze in the lime juices, and add a teaspoon or two of fish sauce (not shown).  I also add a tablespoon of reserved chicken broth so that it’s not too dry.

laab0820140018_800Mix well and done.


This is a very spicy salad so have it with a large glass of water.


Crafty Finds

I’ve always wanted to draw and paint on the pages of an old or unused book so I went to the thrift store yesterday and found one.  I also found a few books that I don’t plan to draw or paint in.  Stories For The Heart will be the unfortunate…or fortunate book, depending on how the book feels about being sketched and painted all over with my art.  If I were a book, I’d be very happy.  Got all four books for $3.75!


I was in need of a new guillotine cutter.  The one I’ve had for 10 years was wearing down.  Thought about ordering the same brand from eBay but saw a 9″ Fiskars from Micheal’s so decided to try it out.  It seems to work great.  It was also on sale for $14.00.  Original price was $19.99.  The other items were things I heard on Facebook and Youtube that I wanted to try out.


Spray bottles from Walgreen’s for $1.19 each.  I’ll be using these to do some water color spray painting.


Project Life 2013 – April 13th and 21st

As you know I am working on different Project Life (PL) projects: both daughters’ individual school/extracurricular activities, the family 2013, the family 2014, and one on just me.  I rotate between these depending on how I feel.  That might sound like a lot but it’s really not.  I only work on what I feel like working on and it keeps me motivated.  I like to have fun documenting and like adding different embellishments and creativity to the albums.

Right now, besides helping daughter with her PL (she’s done, btw, so I will be sharing a post on that shortly), I just finished April 13th and 21st.  In weeks, that would be week 15 and 17.


Drawing Challenge

I found a few drawing challenges on social media and decided to join the Spoon Flower 30 Day Spoon Challenge.  I don’t spend a lot of time on the drawings…maybe a few minutes to one hour.  The hardest part is trying to figure out what to draw.  Even with a prompt daily, I just don’t want to draw what the word says.  I like adding a little bit of my imagination to it.  Some of my drawings are just horrendous but I try not to care too much.  What matters is that it’s helping me think creatively and forces me to draw things I would otherwise not consider.  It also keeps me motivated.


You can follow my Instagram to see my drawings or check out the Spoon Challenge tagboard.

Spending Time With Daughter

My 2nd grader started school this week so I get all the time in the world to spend with just my 7th grader.  She doesn’t start school until next week so it’s a full week with just she and I.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had her all to myself and I cherish it.  This morning I’m having her help me with her Project Life book.  She’s cutting out Instagram printouts that I printed and prepared yesterday and organizing them into her book.  One day, in the far off future, she will love going through her book.


I’ve created another WordPress blog for just Project Life stuff.  It’s on the right navigation under “Other Places.”  I hope to spend more time posting my Project Life layouts, finds, tutorials, and everything else related to documenting life there, so please visit often. 🙂

Repost Day by Day – Project Life Week 3

Original date: 2.04.14

The Day by Day class is over but I’m catching up on the last couple of weeks.  I’m planning to add a couple of techniques to my pages, such as the flip page and add cloth to a journal card.  For week 3,  I added lots of journaling.  I’ve been using to journal and it has helped me keep track of what I do every day.  I try to say something, even if it’s as short as, “It was an ordinary day,” just so I know that nothing exciting happen.  I don’t put everything I journal into my Project Life.  Just whatever I think I want family and friends to read.


I used products from Studio Calico and My Mind’s Eye.