Hourglass Gloss

I went and got myself a new lip gloss.  I wasn’t in need of one but I haven’t worn any in ages.  I was never a big fan of glosses.  They’re usually sticky, overly scented, overly flavored, and never last longer than a few minutes.  I believe the last time I wore a good gloss was in the early 2000’s when I was hooked on a specific Shiseido gloss for its non-sticky, unscented, and gorgeous color.  Years later I tried to find the same one I wore but they’ve been discontinued and nothing else ever lived up to it.

Then I came upon Hourglass, a pretty new makeup line.  I sampled their Extreme Sheen glosses at Sephora and was hesitant at first but then bought one, a neutral color called, Truth.  On me it’s pretty much invisible.  It’s the exact color as my lips so all you see is the shine.  What’s the point of a gloss that matches my lip color you ask?  I ask myself that question too and I don’t have a really good answer except that it keeps my lips moist all day and I can see a subtle rose pink on my lips.  I don’t have to reapply every other hour like I do with Chap Stick or lipstick.  It stays on until I wipe it off and it’s non-sticky/gooey.  It also reminds me of the Shiseido lip gloss I once loved.  Um…I guess I do have some pretty good reasons for buying it but nothing in the area of need.  It’s pricey at $28.00 a tube so I’ll be using this sparingly.

HGGLOSS0137_640HGGLOSS0141_640LBLIPS170033_500Lastly, a fun grungy retro just because…and yes, I am wearing Hourglass Extreme Sheen in Truth.


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