Bolder Boulder 10K

Husband ran the Bolder Boulder 10K on Memorial Day.  The family went to cheer him on and to watch a small tribute to a couple of veterans.

BB0005_640tsMaking our way to husband’s running group.

BB0016_640tsWaiting for husband to run by.  There were quite a few runners in unique outfits and clothes.  It made it exciting to watch.

BB0018_640tsAs we watched the runners, two runners came to the cops standing watch behind us and told them there was a man a few yards up who had collapsed.  The cops quickly made their way over.  Where I was standing, I could see the cops standing and kneeling around the man.  Soon after, it appeared as though a cop was doing CPR while the sirens from an ambulance was heard coming around.  A few minutes later, I looked over again and they were still doing CPR.  My heart sank.

BB0020_640tsHusband came by and waved at us.

BB0014_640tsThey ran…

BB0025_640tsBB0024_640ts…and ran toward the stadium.

BB0026_640tsBeautiful live music was played as everyone made their way into the stadium.

BB0031_640tsHusband showed me his time.  He made the run at 51:17 minutes.  I was really happy for him.  It was his first timed run (he ran the Bolder Boulder last year with Kida but it was just for fun).  He came in 80th out of 393 runners in his age group and gender, and 3,517 out of 20,188 overall for his gender.

BB0044_640tsxThe last runners of the race were the international women’s and men’s.  It was great to see this on the screen and then see them come through the stadium.

BB0076_640tsAfter the last race ended, the memorial tribute began.  About seven military skydivers came flying down minutes after each other and landed in the middle of the stadium.

BB0086_640tsBB0094_600tsBB0097_600tsBB0099_600tsBB0132_600tsBB0143_600tsThey did a seven gun salute and two great singers sang the national anthem before the old classic P51’s flew by.  They actually came by late, so as we were exiting the stadium, we heard them coming.  They flew right above us and we all just stared up at them in awe.  It was amazing.

We were so tired out by the time we left Boulder that the kids and I slept on the drive home and also when we got home.