Both the girls were in the play, Cinderella, through their dance school.  It was exciting to see them partake in this production but I am more glad that it is over with.  They still have their regular dance classes to go to for a couple more weeks then they should be on break until next year.  With the weather getting colder, I just want to stay home, drink lots of hot chocolate, and work on my Project Life.

Photos from the play (Note: these are from rehearsal, the day before the actual performance):

CINDERELLA_0076Kylie is the pumpkin second from left.


CINDERELLA_0100Kida is center.


4 thoughts on “Cinderella

  1. They allow you to take photos? I have been looking up dance schools for my girls and every site I’ve come to states that no pictures or video camcorders will be allowed during performance/recital. They want you to buy their photos and video. Well, your girls look gorgeous.


    1. MiaBao, they only allow photos and recordings on dress rehearsal day. Sorry, I should have mentioned that. It is true as you said, that they don’t allow photos or recordings on performance day. Reason being is that they don’t want their performers to fall off stage with all the flashing going on (etc.). During rehearsal, they don’t turn off the audience light so it’s easier on the performers eyes. And, yes…I’m sure it is also because they want people to buy photos and videos.

      Thanks, for mentioning this. I’ve edited the post to include that the photos were from rehearsal. Btw, they took group photos for this dance (they didn’t do that last year) and I will for sure buy them…LOL! (referring to what you mentioned about them wanting people to buy). I’m one of those moms who will do almost anything for photos of her kids for documenting purposes. 🙂


      1. I am the same way. I take photos of my children left and right. I will spend money to make sure I have a memory of something, especially when it comes to my children.


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