Pumkin Bread Cravers + Autumn Fairy Fantasy Layout 3 Ways

Both my girls love pumpkin bread but Kylie goes nuts over them, especially my version.  She’s been begging me to make pumpkin bread since the summer so last night I finally made a couple loaves.  She pretty much ate half of one loaf.

Those slices are deceiving.  It looks like Kida got a larger slice but know that Kylie had two and half slices.  Kylie was on her second slice when I took these photos.

Autumn Fairy Fantasy Layout 3 Ways

I created this layout from these photos that inspired me:

Photo from last year’s trip to Maroon Bells in Aspen, CO.

Candid photo of Kylie in her own imaginary world pretending to be angry at something or someone.

Close up of Kylie as the Autumn Fairy.

I turned the layout into my desktop and the banner for this blog (see top of blog).

Additional credits: Textured paper  and blueberry branch by Lorie Davison (at Scrapbookgraphics), Wings by Adaae (at Deviantart), and fur texture by sugarpultry (at Deviantart).  Fonts: The King and Queen (dafont.com).