First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school for both my girls.  Kida started 5th grade and Kylie started Kindergarten.  I am still trying to sort all my feelings out and have not been very productive with anything around the house or the new digital scrapbook kit I’ve been working on.  When I see a photo of them when they were babies and toddlers, I get teary-eyed (yeah, the photo of the month for this month gets to me) .  I am overwhelmed by the simple fact that they are growing.

I am also nervous about Kylie’s Kindergarten.  On her first day, she cried in class and came home crying.  Something of hers was misplaced at school and she wasn’t able to participate in an activity.  It bothered her all evening yesterday and this morning.  I spoke to her teacher this morning about it and was told that item was found and all is good.  Kylie gets her feelings hurt easily and I’m not sure what to do except tell her things will sometimes happen not in her favor and let her go through the pains.

Kida loves 5th grade and I have nothing else to say. 🙂