OSOM & a Booty Shakin’ Performance at the Dragon Boat Festival

The Colorado Dragon Boat Festival was this past weekend.  The family went to see my sibling’s band, One Sun One Moon (OSOM), play and had wanted to stay longer to see the main stage performances but it was too hot for the girls.  I also had serious dehydration for a couple of weeks (with heart palpitations) and had to be careful since I’ve only gotten better within the last few days while taking prescription Potassium and tons of Gatorade (thank goodness for Costco) w/water.

OSOM had the stage for a full hour so it was great!  This year performances were separated to smaller stages all around the park with the main stage being the biggest for the dances.

Here is a clip of one of their songs called, SOLID.

We were only only able to watch one main stage performance, a booty-shakin’ dance, by the Pacific Pride and Island Hearts.

The food was delicious as usual.  These days I find myself forgetting to take photos of food.

Aquarium and a Digital Art Journal

Earlier in the week the family went to the Downtown Aquarium in Denver with one of my sisters, her boyfriend, and one of my brothers and his kids.  I’ve been wanting to go for awhile but just never seemed to have the time (or the funds).  I’m glad that my sister was determined to get me to go because it was a lot of fun, especially for my girls + she paid for my girls so I am very grateful (thanks again, Jamie!).

Here are photos from the aquarium:

Digital Art Journal: Faith

Since today’s topic is on creatures of the sea (water/ocean/sea), I thought I’d also share a digital art journal piece I’ve created for a challenge at Hummie’s World that has something to do with water.  You can read more about the challenge and see my drawings at my design blog, here.

Hiking Near Flagstaff

The family went hiking yesterday near Flagstaff in Boulder, CO.  I believe the last time I hiked there, my 10-year-old was about two years old.

That’s CU Boulder in that view.

This was at the highest point that I was willing to go.  The view was gorgeous.  In order to get this shot, I had to climb up on a rock that was flattened on the top.  The drop off the side of that rock was probably about 100 feet.

Rock climbers.

View on our hike down.

Husband wanted to drive through Flagstaff.  He remembered a “castle” we had seen when we were dating and driving through this area on an ordinary day.  It still looks as beautiful as the first time we saw it.

It was a great day.

The Hottest Summer I Know

This has truly been the hottest summer I’ve experienced.  Outside, the yard plants are dying and the grass has patches of yellow everywhere.  The porch plant from Lowe’s won’t last a day without watering it, the day lilies won’t bloom all the way, and the daisies (which always seemed to withstand the weather) withered.

July 4th is tomorrow and the family usually enjoys going somewhere nearby to watch firework displays, but this year, all firework displays have been prohibited in the county I live in.  We’ll find something fun to do to celebrate this day but it’s a bit sad to realize how hot and dry this part of the country has become.

One Photo Four Ways

Over at my digital scrap/designing blog, I share freebies, tutorials, new kits, collabs, and my Project Life for those who love to capture the moments of life (like myself) and put them into beautiful layouts to document their legacy.  Once in awhile my heart will earn yearn to create a fantasy concept just for the heck of it.  I want to share what I did with a photo taken of my 5-year-old.  I asked her to pose for me so that I could create a fantasy layout of her and she jumped right to it.  When she saw how I had used the layout for my desktop, she screamed in excitement.

Here is the photo:

1. Created a fantasy digital layout:

2. Turned it into a painted look followng this tutorial:

3. Made it into my desktop:

4. Made it into my Facebook cover photo:

The kit used in the creation of these layouts is called, The Story Crate, a digital scrapboook kit collaboration by three designers (one of them, me).