Glenwood Springs Alpine Coaster

[4.06: Waiting a few minutes before heading to the 2nd cave.]

This post is a continuation from the trip the family took to Glenwood Springs last week.  The cave was fun for husband and I but the girls found their thrill in the Alpine Coaster ride, Laser Tag, and the 4D Motion Theater.  They also loved the small shop that we spent a great deal of time in trying to stay away from the wind.  They each bought a bag of colorful rocks.

The wind was pretty extreme.  That’s me being very serious with husband to be very VERY careful taking Kylie down the Alpine Coaster. I was so scared she’d fly off or pass out.

Kylie and her dad coming back from the ride.  She actually enjoyed it way more than I thought.

Kida riding with her dad.

I went on the ride once with Kida and was scared half to death through the whole thing.  The turns were sharp and steep + the wind and the speed!  I controlled the speed of the coaster but I felt as though I had very little control as to how fast/slow we went.  When it was done, I was relieved.  It was…somewhat exciting but I think my fears got the best of me so I didn’t get to enjoy it as much.  Kida went on it about 4 times, 3 of them with husband and still wanted to go some more.  She begged to go by herself but I didn’t let her.  She stomped, screamed, tried to twist my words, etc., but I still didn’t let her.  I know.  I need to let go just a little more but I think with certain things, I just can’t, and I won’t.

[That road is Interstate 70 and the brownish piece of water is the Colorado River.]

At the end of the day, I was happy to know that both Kida and Kylie enjoyed this vacation.  Kida wants to live in Glenwood Springs when she grows up and Kylie wants to play Laser Tag all day long.