10 Mile Bike Ride With A Trail-a-Bike

Husband, the kids, and I rode our bikes around the Aurora Reservoir and we are exhausted.  The trail is 8 miles around the reservoir but getting there took another mile or two so it was approximately 10 miles total.  We packed water and snacks and took a short break near the marina then continued on.

For me, it was a full-body workout, especially that I had a trail-a-bike attached so that Kylie can ride along.

It was a lot of fun but extremely exhausting.  Maybe we’ll go on smaller trails before hitting this one again.

Photo credits: Husband took last 3 photos w/his cellphone.  Cherry Vintage PS Action by ohsoexclusive.

MB Orchid Continues to Grow

This is one happy orchid.  It keeps growing.  See those buds tucked behind the flowers?  That’s from the second stalk.  There is also a small bud trying to grow in the first talk.

Then there this.  A third stalk making its way out.  My pot has become too small to contain this beauty but I’m not sure what to do.  One part of me wants to see how long this will go on (testing its strength) and another part of me wants to trim it down, re-pot, and make it look all nice and clean.

Mountain Fire Photos

This evening, a pretty large fire broke out near Aspen Park and Keystone area.  We live pretty far from it, but from my neighborhood, we could see the smoke and the bright red sun.

These photos were taken from the backyard just a couple of hours ago.

The girls and I went out for dinner and on our way back, while waiting at the stop light, I was able to get this shot.

…and here’s Kylie looking at the smoke from inside the house.

To read more about this fire, go here.

My Project Life & Project Life Digital

Earlier this month, I received my Project Life order from Amazon.com and couldn’t wait to get started!

I’ve been following the creator of Project Life, Becky Higgins, for about 3 years now and have just recently purchased some of her products.  Before I knew of Project Life, I was doing something similar using products from We R Memory Keepers.  I mentioned it in this blog post.  But, when Becky introduced the 6×12 Page Protectors and Big Envelopes, I just had to get them!  I have two girls who are both in school and sometimes when they bring home artwork or writings, I just don’t know where to put them and have wanted something to keep them all together with photos and other memorabilia.

These are my current albums.  As you can tell, I’ve fallen behind and have not found a good way to keep my labels on.

I still have a lot of work to do to make my albums more story-like.  Before, they were pretty much 12×12 sleeves and more about scrapbook/digi-scrapbook pages.  It’s nice and all but I have a yearning to tell a story.

Here is a 6×12 page protector with an art piece Kylie made at her preschool.  It is special enough to me that I want it to be in its own sleeve.  During her parent-teacher conference a month back, her teacher told husband and I that she was an excellent scissor cutter (better than her classmates), and was proud of her ability.  I was very proud as well, mainly because when Kida was at the same preschool 5 years ago, we had this same conference and her teacher asked us, “Does Kida know how to cut with a scissor because she didn’t know how to hold a scissor and struggled with cutting paper.”  I told her teacher that I just never had her use a scissor because I thought it was too dangerous.  I learned something about myself that day.  I learned that I have to let go of the fear that my kids will hurt themselves because getting hurt is sometimes the best way to learn.

This page is my first real Project Life page for Kylie.  I took a bunch of photos and wanted to finish this page but realized that the photos I took were vertical and these pocket pages are horizontal.  I’m going to order the vertical ones so this page will have to wait.  In the meantime, I’ve been taking photos just about every day of both my girls and writing notes for some of them.

Credits: The 3×4 card with Kylie’s pronunciations on the right is an idea I got from Paislee Press’s Project Life.  The card design is from the Picture This Journal Blocks by Designs by Anna & Kitty Designs.

Digital Project Life

Yes, I am hoarding Project Life.

I have also started a digital version of Project Life through Shutterfly.com.  Actually, I tried to start one a year ago but never finished.  I believe I only completed one or two pages and then backed out of it.  I guess because I didn’t really trust it.  I went with Kodak instead and created a beautiful book of Kylie’s first years.  The downside was that the book was very boxed.  I had very little flexibility as to what I could do.  Maybe it was just that I didn’t know my way around putting text wherever I wanted or rearranging photos to my taste but I struggled with it.

Digital Project Life is different.  There is so much flexibility.  SO MUCH.  I’m creating my pages with my jaw open and my mind thinking, “Wow, I could do that?  Let’s try this…wow…crazy…amazing…OMG, could I really do that?…wow…wow…wow.”  Honestly, there is still a small limit (hint…better fonts) but otherwise, I love everything about it.  There are tons of backgrounds and elements to use and I could put a text box anywhere I want to and write as much as my heart desires.  I dreamed of one day being able to utilize something this fun and creative and Becky made it all possible.

This is the first two pages of my Digital Project Life.  My goal with this book is to mainly document this blog but I’m also including other pieces of my life that I don’t blog about.  This book is going to be about me.  Life through my eyes and through my camera.  I’ve noticed that most mothers who create digital books or scrapbook tend to focus on their kids and/or the whole family from a 3rd person point-of-view.  I have 4 binders for that (see above, photo #2) but I also want my girls to know who I am besides the person they know as, Mom.  I guess it is something that I wish my mother had.

So far, I’ve completed January.  I’m putting one day a week into this Digital Project Life.

You might ask, why do you want to do this?  I do this because I want my daughters to know how important it is to enjoy life and to document it so that they can have something to remember by, and pass it down to their kids.  I want them to know their mother as a person with dreams and goals for herself.  I want them to know the love between their mom and dad and the almost normal life we try to create for them.

Next goal is to start Kida on documenting her life.  I’ve been eying K&Company SMASH folios and a few other pieces from that collection.

Spring Sunset

Last evening husband was grilling some (tender and juicy) steak for dinner and when I stepped outside to hang with him, the first thing he said was, “Look at that sunset!”  I immediately went for the camera.  It’s not like I don’t see these every day.  It’s just that when I do see them, I never have the camera with me.  Luckily, that evening we were home and in the backyard just at the right time with nothing else to do or anywhere to go.

I find that when the sun sets, it goes by too quickly.  Before you know it, it’s already behind the horizon.  It’s almost like life.  If you don’t pay attention to it, you will find yourself with wrinkles and gray hair and wonder where the years went.

A Chilly Spring Morning

When I stepped outside this morning I was expecting clear skies and the air to be slightly warmer than normal but instead saw clouds and was bitten by the chill.  At least this afternoon the sky is clear.  And, some might consider it warm but it’s still chilly to me.

Yesterday, I was tired and yawned a lot.  I told my 5-year-old that the Spring witch had cast a tired spell on me and she needs to remove it because I didn’t like being tired.  My 5-year-old then said, “Spring witch, take the spell away!”

My 10-year-old at 5 would have told me, “Mom, there is no such thing as a Spring witch.”

Ahhh…but she believes in the tooth fairy. 🙂

Spring Beauty Buys

[Clockwise from top: Betsy Johnson Too Too Eau de Parfum, Urban Decay Naked 2 w/mini Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Naked, Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick in Incognito, and Bare Escentuals bareMinerals READY Blush in The Secrets Out]

I rarely buy makeup the way I used to.  I have a blog on makeup (a collaboration with my sister) but life has been busy for both of us that we’ve put it on the back burner.  Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever have the time to review makeup again.  I’ve realized for myself that as I get older, I just want beauty products that my skin will benefit from.  I don’t want to subject it to tons of chemicals.  A little chemical is okay.

The first day of Spring is tomorrow and I received my Sephora order just in time for the season.  I think the Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow palette will last me forever.

I love the scent of this Eau de Parfum from Betsy Johnson.  On me it’s like a subtle version of Christian Dior’s Midnight Poison (which I also have) with a touch of sweetness.

Signs of Spring

Spring is so consistent. I wish I was more like her.

Kylie loves life and nature.  She was so happy to take a photo with this daffodil peaking through the mulch.

Photos From The Butterfly Pavilion

My favorite moment inside the butterfly canopy was when I saw these two turtles looking toward the pond.  I saw myself in them, except I’m looking toward the beach, with my husband, as we watch the sunset in blazing colors.

I think she was overwhelmed with all the butterflies.  Her favorite moment was when she gently touched a butterfly’s wing before it swiftly flew away.  We’re not supposed to touch them but her little fingers reached out so quickly that by the time we told her not to touch them, it was already too late.