Transient Synovitis

{1.31.2012 Reading the “bible”}

Wednesday morning, Kylie complained of pain at her thighs.  At first I thought she may have pulled a muscle so I told her to lay down on the couch and relax.  When she got up again to walk the pain got worse.  She started to cry and she never cries if the pain is physical, unless it’s unbearable, so I got worried.  So worried that I took her in to see her pediatrician.  It turned out that she had transient synovitis (TS), also known as “toxic synovitis” or “postinfectious arthritis.”  TS is inflammation of the joints and most commonly in the hip area.  It occurs in some children (mostly boys) after a vaccination or a fever.

Kylie didn’t have a previous fever but when I had checked her temperature before heading to the pediatrician, it was just over 101°F.  It didn’t take long for the doctor to tell me she had TS.  All I needed to do was allow her to rest her legs and take ibuprofen and the pain would go away in a few days.  It’s been a couple of days now and she has gotten better.  She still walks a bit slow at times, but otherwise, she’s almost back to her normal self.

I still don’t know why she got this.  From the pamphlet the doctor gave me, it states that, “Children with TS may have problems with blood vessels near the painful joint….” and, “…Studies show that children with TS have a slightly greater chance of having joint problems like arthritis later in life.

I am glad that she’s better but I am scared, frustrated, and just want to know why.  My older daughter didn’t get this (although she does have a tic that has not gone away completely and that still worries me). The pamphlet also states, “Why some children get TS and others don’t is not well understood.”  I guess this is something I will have to research as time goes.

Aside from this medical find, I am just in awe at Kylie’s quietness and love for reading the “bible”.  She can be loud but there is a side of her that is comforting, caring, and just simply peaceful.  She’ll give me random hugs, putting her small arms completely around me (as far as she could go) and squeeze tightly.  I could never get enough of this.

I also created a digital scrapbook layout with similar photos (and one of Kida too).  You can find them here.

To read more about TS, go here.

6 thoughts on “Transient Synovitis

  1. Those are great photos… you are a good photographer and your daughter is so cute. I have never heard of this before .. always something new to surprise us. My hubby’s problems are arthritis and that is sad to think she may suffer from it one day.


    1. Thanks, Hummie! I’m sorry about your husband…I’ve read your posts about him and the difficulties you both are going through. I don’t like to think about my daughter having to deal with arthritis when she’s older but I can’t hide from it either. It is sad, as you said, if she should have to deal with it later in life. I just hope that she doesn’t have to.


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