Day 2

Look at how excited they were!!

Kylie said, “Is it from Santa?”  I said, “Yep!”  No point in arguing with her.

After Kida opened hers, she helped her sister.  They were super excited, except I accidentally gave Kylie the gift with the red M&M instead of green.  I knew she liked only the green one and thought I made sure I gave the girls the right one but I didn’t so Kylie was bummed.  She wanted the green one really REALLY bad.  Luckily, the outside didn’t matter to Kida so she exchanged with Kylie and everything worked out.

The time it took from opening the gifts to eating it all: 2 minutes.  Not really, but it sure felt like it because I didn’t see them eat it.  It was as if they swallowed the candy in one gulp.

Before they ate their candy, they wanted to show me some tricks.

Kida showed me how fast she could twirl her ponytail.

Kylie showed me how fast she could twirl her arm.  She said, “I don’t have a ponytail but I can spin my arm.  It’s like a helicopter.”