[2011: Southlands Shopping Center]

I’ll be taking the girls trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.  The girls’ dentist is offering $1 per pound of candy (up to $5) they donate to the dental office and they will ship those candy out to our military in Afghanistan.  I think that’s a really awesome idea!  My 4-year-old was pretty excited.  My 9-year-old was a bit hesitant at first but she agreed.  They’ve collected a lot of candy this month and there’s no way I’ll let them eat it all.

To see the full image above, go here.  Enjoy the last day of October.

Beautiful Violin Cover of My Heart Will Go On and Someone Like You

My daughter just started the Children’s Christmas Choir this year (she skipped last year’s) and they will be singing “Silent Night” again.  We were talking about how she could eventually play her violin during Christmas mass in the future and I told her I’d find an example of “Silent Night” on youtube for her to listen to.  While searching on youtube, I came across another song that was simply awe.   It is a cover of the song, “My Heart Will Go On” played by an extremely talented and young violinist who goes by JuNCurryAhn on youtube.

I love how he plays with so much emotions.  If only it was the complete song.

AND, his cover of “Someone Like You” is just beyond beautiful.  I also dig how he made himself a twin!!

Without music, what would the heart cry to?

Let It Snow!

It will be snowing for most the day today.  These photos were taken this morning and I made them black and white because I think it looks better.  I’ve also posted many snow photos in the past and wanted to make these a little different.

Mentally, I’m ready for snow.  Physically, I’m not.  I’m still wearing flip-flops, skirts, shorts, and t-shirts.  My girls don’t have winter boots and only my 4-year-old has a winter coat.  I need winter boats myself.  I think this laziness of not gearing up for winter is due to the many years when we didn’t get snow until March.

Hoover Dam in Black and White

During our stay in Vegas, we drove to Hoover Dam and took a tour of the powerplant.  I’ve visited the Dam before in the couple of times I’ve been to Vegas (years ago) but I’ve never taken the tour (and I’m not sure why).  It was pretty fascinating to learn the history and go underground to see how everything worked.

Photos are of the Dam, bypass bridge, and powerplant.

Road Trip Photos

Photos of our road trip to Las Vegas.

We stayed at the Hotel at Mandalay Bay.  It was gorgeous, except for the headless statue near the self-park entrance.  Kylie was scared of it so each time we passed it she would look the other direction or close her eyes while one of us held her hand and told her when it was okay to look or open her eyes again.

Road Trip To Vegas

The family just got back from our road trip to Las Vegas.   I’ll be posting better photos soon.  The photo above was taken with my camera phone during our drive through the mountains.  We were stuck in the snow for about two hours because the roads were icy and someone probably either drove too fast and got into a slippery accident or semi’s blocked the way to chain their tires.

Snow In Early October

Woke up to snow this morning.  It is still snowing this afternoon.

Note (10.9.2011): These photos were taken in RAW and converted to JPG with no adjustments made in Photoshop (thus the lack in color and clarity).