Every Other Way

This is a great remix by Josh Gabriel that I’ve really started liking. The vocals are soothing and even though the song has a fast beat to it, it’s very calming.

I first heard this song on Peter Wibe’s iTunes Podcast on episode 006.  I like how he mixes the intro so that it doesn’t seem to go on forever before the actual song starts.

Day At The Grand Opening of IKEA In Centennial

Today was IKEA’s grand opening in Colorado.  Wish I could say I was in a tent waiting in line for two days but I didn’t get that privilege.  Instead, I went this morning with husband and the kids.

As we approached IKEA, we could see that it was already pretty busy.

Roads were blocked and workers were telling us where to turn to park.

I thought it would be just an in and out experience but we ended up hitting the line so we stood there, with the rest of them as eager as we were, waiting our turn to get in.  The line moved quickly but we still spent a good amount of time waiting.

The TV stations were there to capture the craziness.  It was a strange and calm craziness though.  Maybe we were just all exhausted from the 91° heat beating on us.

It took almost 30 minutes before we were in.  There were so many people inside that it was way too crowded to do any serious shopping.  We wanted to try out the cafe but that line was pretty long too so we snacked on hotdogs and pizza by the checkout then made our way out.  We left with some cinnamon rolls and an empty IKEA bag.  I think we waited in line longer than we were inside the store.

There are plans to return in the future when all have settled.

Photos taken with the Samsung Gravity T

Memory Lane: 80’s Hair


I was diggin’ the barrettes with the large bows in those days and check out those earring! I believe they were my sister’s.  The hair used to be a lot more poofy.  I think because this was at the end of that decade, the hair was slowly flattening.

How clueless I was about myself and the world then.  Still clueless about me these days but the world, I think I’ve got it a bit. 🙂

When You Were Mine And Art Gone Wrong

I was taking a shower one morning and this song from the mid 80’s by Cyndi Lauper just popped in my head.  I didn’t realize that Prince wrote this song.  I love it even more now.

Art Gone Wrong

Earlier this week, I drew a vase with flowers with the Wacom tablet and printed it.  After cutting it out for a card I wanted to make, Kylie saw the cutout and had to have it so she took off with it.  She held on to it for awhile admiring the vase and flowers (she chose the colors of the petals and the center [disc?] colors, btw).  Somehow she got the cutout wet while eating blueberries so she didn’t want it anymore.  She wants me to print her another one.

Baseball Game, Crepuscular Rays, and Aminated Blinkie [Created in Photoshop]

[Panorama view of the game – click image to view larger]

Last Friday, my sister and her boyfriend invited my husband and I to a baseball game.  It was the Rockies against the Brewers and the Rockies won that evening, 4 to 0.  I really enjoyed the game.

I also enjoyed watching the clouds roll by.  There was thunder and lightning in the clouds but no rain.  It was just a gorgeous view.

Crepuscular Rays

Speaking of clouds, a few weeks ago I took photos of these crepuscular rays while on the road (husband was driving).  It was breathtaking!

Animated Blinkie Created in Photoshop

I learned how to create an animated blinkie in photoshop!  There wasn’t just one tutorial with clear instructions (unless I didn’t search correctly) so I followed a few different instructions, one being a youtube tutorial, and was able to achieve this:

The background paper is from far far hill, the elements are from Siamese Studio, and the font is Selfish from dafont.com.

All photos taken with the Nikon Coolpix.

Digital Layout: Art Is In Her Blood

[Sketch: Art Is In Her Blood]

I decided to use a couple of photos taken of Kylie while drawing in her sketchbook for a template challenge at digiridooscraps.com.  I used the Oopsie Paisley kit by Scrap’it Designs (I’ve used this kit for a couple of previous layouts) and template by Scrap-a-holic Designs.  Font for the title is Vtks Beautiful Dreams by dafont.com and font for the journaling is Birchstd from CS4.

Birtday Card and Sketching

Kida went to a classmate’s birthday party over the weekend and had a really great time.  I made this card and had Kida sign it.  I used papers and elements from some of the digital designer’s I purchased from.  I also used blue glitter glue and made little spots all around the yellow frame.


A few days ago I bought some drawing paper pads and pencils for my girls to allow them to work on their creativity.  Creativity is imagination and imagination is like what Einstein once said:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Currently, I also have my girls in art and painting classes with Kida’s friend’s mom every week.  The art pieces they bring home are masterpieces to me.  I also like seeing how they are challenged every week with different art methods.  I will have to take photos of them and post them up.  For the mean time, here they are sketching away on their paper pads:

Digital Layout: Spotted Moth Orchid w/Poem “Ode to Beauty”

[Spotted Moth Orchid]

This was created for a photo blending challenge at scraporchard.com.  There are two tools I often use when I blend: erase and brush.  For this challenge I used the brush tool but either method would have worked.  The background papers consists of two papers with the darker one having a lower opacity to give it a soft peach brown look.  The poem is called “Ode to Beauty” and is written by Mary Darby Robinsion (full poem can be found here).  It reads:

“Tis thus, the infant Forest flow’r
Bespangled o’er with glitt’ring dew,
At breezy morn’s refreshing hour,
Glows with pure tints of varying hue,
Beneath an aged oak’s wide spreading shade,
Where no rude winds, or beating storms invade.”

I used a few pieces from different designers to create this layout: 2011 Iron Scrap week 1 kit, Sweet Home by AnnaBV, and Walk Softly by Julie Bullock.  Font is komalatin from dafont.com.