Digital Layouts: Mask & Kitty Clown


This layout was created using the Sweet Surprise Carnivale kit by Scrap’it Designs, which was included in a bundle purchase at  The font is Kaligraf Latin from  The photo, ’tis I.  This layout is also used for DW’s 100 Themes Challenge #86: Mask.  The words say:

“We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we become disguised to ourselves.” François Duc de La Rochefoucauld

[Kitty Clown]

Used the same kit as layout above for this layout.  The photos were taken during a face painting at a birthday party.

CO Hmong Soccer Tournament: Food and Things

[Kylie under her umbrella]

Over the weekend I went with Mom to the Hmong soccer tournament held in Westminster, CO.  On Saturday we went somewhat early so it wasn’t too hot which was nice.  We left just when it was starting to get really hot.  On Sunday, we went in the afternoon just to buy some food and it was so hot that sweat was streaming down my temples.

It’s been about three years since my last visit to a Hmong soccer tournament.  The last time I went, Kylie had just turned one.  I know it’s all about the soccer games but I rarely watch them.  I’m more interested in what the vendors are selling and usually gravitate toward the clothes and jewelery.

Mom goes every year and buys a ton of Hmong movies.  She’s a bargainer so she’ll try whatever she could to reduce the seller’s price.  In the booth photo-ed above, she bought three movies from them so they gave her a free music CD.  Originally, they wanted her to buy another movie before giving her the CD but she told them she had already bought two movies and since she was going to buy a third one, they should include the CD.

Mom also bought a few movies from this vendor.  One of them was a documentary of General Vang Pao’s funeral.  I watched a little bit of it at Mom’s house later that day and it was pretty emotional.  I’ll need to watch the whole thing one of these days.

These are Hmong herbs and medicine.  I have no idea what they are used for.

More herbs and medicine.

There weren’t too many vendors this year.  I wonder if it’s just the economy because in the past there were rows of them.  I think there were only 6 or so vendors.  It was the same with the food vendors.  There’s usually about 5 or more but there were only 3.

The food is always the best part of the tournament.  We ate Hmong sausage with purple sticky rice.

I remember taking photos of this vendor’s Nava drinks during the Hmong New Year…LOL!  Here they are again.

Kylie loves Nava.  She’s not so big into the tapioca pearls or the white and slimy green things or the crunchy red things.  She just goes for the liquid.

I could never go to a Hmong tournament without ever getting papaya salad.

It was extremely spicy but OH-SO-GOOD!

Moss Rocks & Fence

Husband picked up a few pieces of moss rocks from Pioneer Sand Co. last week and with the help of his dad, laid them around our front yard.  I didn’t think it’d make much of a difference but our yard actually looks more comfy.  It’s amazing what a few rocks can do to the landscape.

It’s not complete yet.  We’re thinking of getting a really big moss rock delivered to replace that little one all alone in that photo above, near top.  As for the three rocks near bottom, I think we might leave them and grow some colorful perennials around them.

Backyard Fence

Late last week our backyard fence was put in by a fencing company.  The photo only shows the fence posts – I’ve not had the time to get the completed fence yet.  Currently, husband is dealing with an issue about where the fence was put.  We lost about a foot and half of property in the process so husband is trying to figure out exactly where the property line should be.  I really know nothing about how they figure out where the fence should go but hope all turns out well.

The Growing Garden

These are the plants in the front yard (some I have already posted photos of).  The yard is not lavish or anything.  The plants are scattered but I am always so captured by their colors and liveliness.  The last photo is of the tropical plant that I had mentioned here in which I had thought were dying but one of them is still hanging on.


[Craig, CO: June 2010 Sunset]

“So many times have I been so afraid.  And just when I thought I’d lost my way, you gave me strength to carry on.” ~Footprints In The Sand by Leona Lewis

Digital Layout: Gateway to the Future

[Gateway to the Future]

This layout was created using the Victorian Punk kit by Jennifer Z Designs.  The font for the words, The Travel Express,  is called Rosewood Std from The words, Gateway to the Future, was written by me using a craft tablet.

I also created this layout for the Digital Whisper’s theme #79 challenge: Gateway.  To read about the meaning behind the layout, go here.