Guitar Lessons Done Until July

[Kida & Her Guitar]

It’s been difficult getting Kida to go to her guitar lessons.  In the beginning she loved it but somehow she doesn’t seem to want to do it anymore.  Is this when the mother in me should kick in and push her to not give up?  I’ve been trying.  She isn’t fighting me.  She’s just not practicing at home.  She goes to practice and does the work but she’s just not thrilled.

I find that she enjoys activities if it involves people she likes.  For instance, when her 3rd grade class had a sleepover at the museum (strange as it may seem, it was actually fun), she was crazy happy.  All her girlfriends were there and the boy she likes was also there.  And best of all, the one person she wanted to be there to see her friends, teachers, and the boy she likes, was me.  It was the best couple of days of her life.  In her guitar class, she doesn’t know anyone and has once told me that there is a boy that she finds annoying but that’s about it.  She has not said one way or another if she likes her teacher but I’m guessing this teacher is fair and doesn’t praise anyone in particular for doing well or not well and maybe she isn’t used to that.  I think her teacher is great.  I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the kind of music they are playing too.  Maybe she just doesn’t understand the importance of music yet.

Well, I’m not giving up yet.  I’ve signed Kida up for the next session which will start in July.

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