New Stem on MB Orchid & 3 Blooms on DR Orchid

[Master Bath Orchid 5.28.11]

It seems like it’s been awhile since I’ve talked about the orchids.  The pink spotted one in the master bath has lost all it’s flowers so I clipped what was left of the dead flowers and the top of the stems off.  I was supposed to re-pot it but still haven’t gotten to it.

The white one is still going strong!  I had no idea that a new stem had grown until I glanced at it earlier this morning while getting out of the shower.

Below is the dining room orchid.  There are three blooms but two of them look like they are on their way out.  They didn’t last very long.  Also, the very tip was supposed to bloom a couple more flowers but they kind of just withered off.  I definitely need to re-pot them.