More WalkWay Photos

Once all the flagstones were set the breeze went on.

And while I was taking photos, two fighter jets flew by.  I was only able to photo one of them.  This reminds me of a few months back when I was driving home on a small road near the air force base and a couple of fighter jets were just lifting off ground.  They came toward my car and then did almost a 90 degree up over us.  It was so close, it scared me and my two girls, but it was fantastic.

New Stem on MB Orchid & 3 Blooms on DR Orchid

[Master Bath Orchid 5.28.11]

It seems like it’s been awhile since I’ve talked about the orchids.  The pink spotted one in the master bath has lost all it’s flowers so I clipped what was left of the dead flowers and the top of the stems off.  I was supposed to re-pot it but still haven’t gotten to it.

The white one is still going strong!  I had no idea that a new stem had grown until I glanced at it earlier this morning while getting out of the shower.

Below is the dining room orchid.  There are three blooms but two of them look like they are on their way out.  They didn’t last very long.  Also, the very tip was supposed to bloom a couple more flowers but they kind of just withered off.  I definitely need to re-pot them.

Walkway Before & After

[Husband and father-in-law working on the walkway]

My husband has been hard at work putting in the walkway.  Last weekend my father-in-law (his dad) helped which was deeply needed since I don’t have the man-strength to do that kind of work.

We are starting on the walkway.  Originally, it was so that we could transport rocks, dirt, sod, trees, etc., down to the backyard but now husband is thinking of doing all that on the other side of the house were there is more space and the hill down isn’t so steep.  We still have time to really decide on that.

Here are the before and after photos.  We are not completely done yet so more photos will be coming.

I did help a little and so did Kylie.  We shoveled the rocks and that was seriously hard work.  My body ached for 3 days!

Here is a glimpse at our desert-like backyard.  It gets so dry here that the ground cracks.  The dirt is made of sand and clay and when it’s dry like that, it’s like rock.

Close up of what the dirt looks like.  Kylie loves to play in it like she’s at the beach.

Digital Layouts: Kida, Dillon Lake, and Maroon Bells AND Creative Teams I’ve Joined

Kit used: Summer Serenity by Scrap’it Designs.

Kit used for “Dillon Lake” and “Maroon Bells” layouts: For Spacious Skies by Jennifer Z Designs.

Creative Teams Joined!

I am extremely thrilled to announce that I have been accepted as a member of the creative teams for the following designers:

Tree City Studio – You can find Tree City Studio designs at and

Scrap’it Designs – You can find  Scrap’it’s designs at

Jennifer Z Designs – You can find Jennifer’s designs at

Please take the opportunity to look around their blogs and their shops.  They are all very talented designers whom I will surely enjoy creating for.  I hope their designs and the layouts created with them will inspire you to continue digi-scrapping or start digi-srapping.

I began seriously digi-scrapping not too long ago.  Within the last few months I really began to create layouts about 8 hours a day if not more.  I participated in challenges and the two-hour challenges at Scrap Orchard.  The two-hour one’s really helped me think quick and I’m grateful for that.  Now it doesn’t take me very long to create a layout.  After feeling comfortable with my skills and needing more to do, I applied to 5 different designer’s team call and out of 5, I was accepted by the 3 listed above.

Thanks, Tree City Studio, Scrap’it Designs, and Jennifer Z Designs for accepting me as a member of your creative team!

Digital Layout: Reflection and Just Born

This layout, “Reflection“, was created for a template challenge using a beautiful kit called Summer Serenity by Scrap’it Designs. The kit is available at  The free template is by scrap-a-holic.  The journaling says:

A rainy day out was the perfect day for Kylie to look at her reflection through the sliding door. She was excited to see her beautiful features and her hair up in a crinkly headband. She smiled and talked to the girl staring back at her.

This layout, “Just Born” was done for a template challenge as well.  This challenge was over at Scrap Orchard.  I used a combinations of papers and elements that I had purchased from a few different designers.  The free template is by Tracie Stroud and the font used is from called Champignon Alt Swash.

On The Grill Pizza

Ingredients: Boboli 12″ pizza crust, olive oil, pizza sauce, sliced pepperoni, and lots of mozzarella cheese.

Brush the front and back side of the pizza crust with olive oil.

Start grill on high then turn it down to medium before putting pizza crust on it.

Put the pizza crust on the grill for two to three minutes on each side.

Take the pizza crust off the grill and allow to cool just slightly.  Then, layer on the ingredients starting with the pizza sauce.

Add the cheese and pepperoni.

It’s ready to go back on the grill.

Leave it on grill with the cover on for about 5 to 8 minutes.


It was so delicious.

The recipe was from my sister’s boyfriend.  My husband tweaked it a little for our (the family) taste.  Next time I’m going to add grilled garlic and mushrooms.

Spring Love

“I can remember the first time we ever met.  The sun was shining.  Love was gleaming in the air.  You caught my eye and the next thing that I knew,  I was in love.  I was so in love with you.” ~ Spring Love by Stevie B

A piano rendition:

…this breaks my heart.