Prepackaged Hot Udon Noodles

I love quick and easy noodles soups and I love it from anywhere: restaurants, friend’s house, prepackaged, etc.  I’m not picky about the type of noodles either.  Any type of noodle will work, even spaghetti noodles.  What matters to me is flavor.  I won’t eat it if I can’t stand the flavor no matter how good the noodle soup might look.

This prepackaged hot udon noodle soup was tempting.  The image on that package looked so enticing and flavorful.

The directions were easy breezy and quick!

The contents came well sealed and were generous: Two packets of udon noodles, two powdered soup pouch, and one dried flakes of veggies and fish flakes (there was only one fish flake in my packet).  I ended up making both the packets but I didn’t have to.  I realized that after I had already started boiling the udon noodles.

This soup would have been perfect if the flavoring wasn’t so fishy smelling.  I nearly gagged.  Everything else was perfect.  ♥