Signs of Spring and Orchids Update

Wish we would get more rainfalls in this part of the state.  It’s been so dry.  It snowed a couple of days ago but melted way too quickly.  I’m happy to see signs of spring popping up slowly around here though.  Just a tiny bit of green makes me smile.  Here’s what I found in our front yard this afternoon.

As you can see, more tulips decided they wanted to see the sun.  I hope more decide to join them.

Kylie loves the spring air and came out with me to frolic while I took photos and waited for husband to return from Lowe’s with fertilizer for the grass.

While husband fertilized the grass, the girls and I planted some Dutch irises and daffodils that we weren’t able to get to last fall.  We put them into pots instead of the yard.  I’m sure it’s too late to try to have them grow but we’re trying anyway.  The little green parts had already begun to grow from their buds.

Update on Orchids

The white orchid has accomplished its goal with all ten of its buds bloomed.

This last photo of the white orchid was taken last week when the last bud was just getting ready to bloom.

The spotted pink orchid looks like it has finished blooming too but I’m not quite sure because a few of the buds have not completely opened to their fullest.  Every time I look at this orchid I can’t help but laugh at how unshapely it is.  It is completely deformed and got this way because a budding branch had grown where a tiny clip was holding the stem to the bamboo stick and caused the branch to twist around the clip.  I removed the clip, placing it lower on the stem, but it was already too late.

I talked about a sideways orchid flower that I would post a photo of but as I waited more appeared.  Here’s what it looks like:

See that orchid at the very top?  Doesn’t she look like a snake head?  Here’s another one.

The other white orchid, I’ll call her W, is slowly growing buds.  I talked about W on this post(at bottom).  I’ll need to re-pot her soon.