Home Theaters & Ceiling Beams

Husband and I have been contemplating a home theater in our unfinished basement.  We got the idea when we went house hunting about 5 years ago.  We never even knew such a thing existed before then, but after seeing them, we knew it was something we wanted.  I’ve looked online and saw some really neat ones (just by googling home theater photos).  They are quite expensive so I don’t know how we’ll ever get to it but we’ll keep saving until we could get one built.

Here’s a couple of photos of the home theaters we saw last week.

Great Room Ceiling Beams

I’ve always been fascinated by the wooden beams inside a home.  Our current home doesn’t have them and I’m sure it wouldn’t look right either, but still, I think they are just amazing.  I’ve seen a couple of homes with these beams and they make the home so beautiful and cozy like a cottage in the mountains somewhere.