First Sign of Tulips and Orchids Using 55-200mm Lens

Spring is officially here! Well, actually the first day of spring was on Sunday, the 20th.  Last fall husband planted a bunch of tulips down both sides of the driveway.  Within the last few weeks I’ve checked both sides and didn’t see any sign of the tulips coming through.  I got worried thinking maybe husband planted them too low and too late in the year and they weren’t going to grow.

Yesterday, my 4-year-old and I decided to take a look again.  Of course, I was already discouraged so I didn’t think I’d see anything new but there it was.  A tiny little green life pushed through the cold earth and mulch.  I screamed and ran for the camera while my 4-year-old grabbed for the watering can.

Orchid Photos Using Nikon 55-200mm Lens

I normally take photos using the 18-55mm lens but last week I decided to use the 55-200 lens on the orchids just to see how they would turn out.  Here’s a few: