More Orchid Blooms & Size Comparison

I want to first show the comparison between the white orchid and the pink spotted orchid.  I had said before that the pink spotted orchid was about half the size of the white one and I wasn’t kidding:

Pink Spotted Orchid

Three more flowers bloomed since last week.  One of the bloom is upside down and another is sideways.  I have no idea how they got that way but it’s pretty different.  I believe the last time I took photos, there was only one bloom.  I think since these buds are smaller, they bloom faster.  The white one blooms slower, taking at least two to three days for one bloom.

Did you see the upside down one?  It’s not exactly upside down.  It’s more at an angle.  As for the one facing sideways, I’ll take better shots of it next time, since it’s blocked by buds in the one photo it’s in.

White Orchid

The white orchid is still beautiful as ever.  This first photo below was taken yesterday and the others were taken earlier last week.  The lighting looks different because they were taken at two different hours of the day.  These photos were also taken at different angles, which is one of my goals with these shots.

Last, but never least, another white orchid beginning to show signs of buds.  This one was given to husband and I by my brother and his wife.  I’ve circled where the buds are growing.