This Morning’s Frosty Haze, Kylie Turns 4, and Birthday Celebration

It’s been bone chilling cold today and windy too, but aside from that, the scenery was beautiful with the frost and the haze.

Kylie Turn’s 4 &  Birthday Celebration

Sunday morning (the 6th…the day Kylie was born) I was crying to her telling her I didn’t want her to turn 4 and asked if she could stay 3 forever.  She saw the tears in my eyes and looked really sad.  Then all afternoon, when I told her she had turned 4, she would correct me and say, “No, I’m three.”  For the last few months she was so excited to turn 4 and I think because I was really sad about it she tried to make me happy by saying she was 3.

Since both girls’ birthday’s are just two days apart, we celebrated their birthday’s together.  I ended up getting two cakes because Kida wanted a Bratz cake and Kylie wanted a Tinkerbell cake.  It’s a lot of cake and neither girls eat cake but for their special day, it’s fine.  Kida was having a hard time figuring who she wanted to invite (long story) and in the end, she went with just one friend: her best friend from 2nd grade (last photo above with them hugging).  Her friend spent the night and they had a blast.  Just before their birthday celebration, my brother took Kida to watch the ballet, Romeo and Juliet, and I heard she loved it.  Kylie wanted to go too and cried her heart out when they left without her but she quickly forgot as usual.  She wouldn’t understand a thing and might even fall asleep.  Anyway, the girls had a great time celebrating another year.  ♥