Birthday Girl On Her Guitar

Today is Kida’s birthday.  In honor of her big day, I asked her to strum a tune for me to record.  She was hesitant…a bit embarrassed that I was recording but she was a good sport and grabbed her music sheet for “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.  She sat down at the foot of her bed and began playing.  She used to love it when I would record her.  Now, she is showing signs of a beautiful young girl reaching early teens.  If only time would allow me one more time with her as a newborn wrapped in a swaddling blanket and snuggled up against my chest.  If I knew then that I would be here with her in this moment where signs of her passion for music, drawing, and creative writing consumes almost every moment of her time, I would have been less tensed and less stressed.  I would have spent my time enjoying her presence instead of dwelling on worries.

Happy Birthday to my girl.